• Lamp flower from book pages

    Materials and tools:

    1. stainless steel wire 0.9-1 mm;
    2. nippers;
    3. LEDs, wire and battery or other power source;
    4. book pages or just paper;
    5. flower ribbon;
    6. glue.

    Step 1

    For the bud will require 12 petals. We make not only the petals, but immediately the stems and leaves.

    We bite off 14 pieces of wire 30 cm long. We bend it as shown in the photo. Step 1 is the general scheme of the petal and stem, the lower leaves are not made in all the stems, but 2-3.

    For the bud we will use three petals (photo Step 1.1): 3 first petals, 5 second petals and 6 third elongated petals.

    We bend all 14 pieces of wire according to all the instructions and schemes.

    When everything is ready, proceed to the pasting. Cut or tear book sheets into squares. We take one paper square, spread it with glue, place the wire base and the second paper square on top. We repeat the same with the remaining 13 wire basics. Leave until the glue dries.

    Step 2

    When the glue is dry, cut off the excess paper with scissors. We try to cut as close as possible to the wire. The main thing is that the wire does not become bare, or the petal can tear.

    You can also cut off excess paper by stepping back from the wire 3-5 mm (Step 2.3-2.5). Then the edge is cut, bent and glued to the bottom of the petal.

    One way, repeat with the remaining 13 petals.

    Step 3

    Getting down to assembling the bud.

    We start from the inside of the bud. We take three rounded petals, first at the base of the petal we curl at an angle of 90 degrees to the stem. Next, we give the desired shape to the petal.

    Fold all three petals together, the distance between them is 120 degrees. The stalks are wrapped with green floral ribbon.

    Step 4

    We begin to highlight the bud, which will be located in the middle. We take two LEDs and connect (solder) them in parallel. Insert the LEDs in the center of the bud and try on how the LEDs and the battery will be located. Leaflets will act as a switch.

    One end of the wire LEDs and the end of the wire attached to the battery using tape. We set the backlight in the center of the bud, attach the battery under one of the petals, and draw the wire along the stem.

    There is a free end of the contacts at the LEDs, we also attach a wire to it. Forget about isolation.

    Step 5

    Next, on top of the internal petals impose the remaining petals of the bud. We connect the wires from the LEDs to different stems with petals (because the petals will act as a switch) near the petals and isolate the stems with a tape.

    Next, all the stalks-wire and two wires are wrapped with green floral tape to the end.

    At the end of the step we wrap the petals with a flower ribbon, leave small sections of the wire bare so that they can be closed and the LEDs turn on.

    If everything is done correctly and carefully, then you get a glowing flower with wires and a battery hidden inside. The main thing is to ensure that the circuit is closed only on the petals and everything is well insulated.

    Allglowing paper floweris ready. Now, if you join the petals, there will be light.

    Tip: if you are planning to assemble a bouquet of such flowers, it's best not to make a switch from the petals, but to pass the wires through the entire stem, connect them and make a general switch for all colors.

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