• Laser hair removal: contraindications and effects

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    Current trends require each girl to have a smooth, delicate skin without extra hair on the body and in intimate places. This fashion came a long time ago from the eastern countries and immediately became widespread, because the absence of excess vegetation is aesthetic, seductive and hygienic. Today, any young lady has her own proven methods: someone uses the usual razor, some like shugaring and wax strips. However, those who are bored with temporary measures, seriously think about the hardware methods of hair removal, allowing once and for all to forget about the hated hairs.

    Among the wide range of treatments, laser hair removal is very popular. This method appeared at the end of the last century thanks to the invention of American scientists. Originally created apparatus used to eliminate pigment and vascular formations.Over time, we developed new models, and today the variety of laser devices provides for the widespread use of this method for hair removal. The process itself is a laser effect on the follicles, while the adjacent skin is not damaged. The pulse heats and destroys the bulb, and the hole where it used to be, heals without a trace.

    The advantage of this method is speed, because not every hair is processed, but skin areas of several centimeters at once. In addition, after 4-5 sessions, even the follicles in the inactive phase are destroyed.

    The procedure carried out in the area where there are tattoos, can change their appearance in the direction of deterioration

    Recommendations for laser hair removal

    The course is developed by a specialist individually for each patient, taking into account all its features. However, for those who want to have smooth skin there are a few general recommendations when performing laser hair removal:

    • It is forbidden to sunbathe in a natural way and in the solarium for 2 weeks before the start of sessions and the same time after the course.
    • The length of the hairs should be 2-3 mm, otherwise you need to cut the excess vegetation.
    • During the period of exposure should be worn underwear from soft natural fabrics.
    • After the course can not use other methods for hair removal.
    • It is undesirable to take drugs from the category of neuroleptics, hormones or antibiotics
    • It is necessary to refrain from scraping crusts formed on the skin as a result of irradiation, otherwise scars and hyperpigmentation may occur.
    • At any time, be it winter or summer, you need to lubricate your skin with a sunscreen before each exit to the street.
    • At first, you will need to abandon the long stay in the water, trips to the baths and saunas for two weeks.

    Treated skin should be carefully lubricated with antiseptic, moisturizing and nourishing agents.

    General contraindications for laser hair removal

    Salons and clinics vied with each other to advertise the effectiveness of this method of hair removal, but before the procedure you should ask about the limitations. This will avoid adverse health effects. So, the following conditions are referred to as contraindications to laser hair removal:

    • skin diseases: psoriasis, vitiligo, neurodermatitis, dermatosis, herpes in the acute stage;
    • pregnancy and lactation;
    • viral infections;
    • varicose veins in places of hair removal, moles, wounds and scratches;
    • fresh tan (less than 14 days);
    • age under 18: minors are allowed to do the procedure only under the supervision of their parents;
    • cancer at any stage;

    Laser hair removal: contraindications and effects

    • diabetes;
    • hypertension and ischemic heart disease;
    • an allergy in a stage of an exacerbation;
    • epilepsy and pulmonary tuberculosis in the acute phase;
    • diseases of the circulatory system;
    • toxic diffuse goiter;
    • predisposition to scarring of the skin;
    • photodermatitis and allergies;
    • individual intolerance.

    Any of the listed items serves as an excuse to abandon the procedure, since after laser hair removal there are often serious complications. They are also possible when addressing unscrupulous and incompetent doctors whose purpose is to get money.

    Prior to the session, the attending physician must be aware of the medical history and medications taken by the client at the time of treatment.

    Features of laser hair removal zone bikini

    The skin in intimate places is tender and sensitive, so the removal of vegetation in this area is troublesome and painful.A shaving razor causes irritation, the use of shugaring and wax strips is not everyone will suffer, and the use of an electric epilator causes constant inflammation. Get rid of these problems can laser hair removal zone bikini. However, before deciding on it, it is worthwhile to study all the pros and cons. In addition to general contraindications, hair removal in delicate places in this way is associated with a number of limitations:

    • progressive benign growths;
    • cardiovascular diseases in the stage of decompensation;
    • inflammatory processes in the female organs;
    • candidiasis;
    • violation of the vaginal flora;
    • pathology of the cervix;
    • the beginning of the menstrual cycle;
    • rash in the pubic area.

    Before the procedure it is necessary to be examined by a cosmetologist, a dermatologist and an endocrinologist for the presence of contraindications.

    Laser hair removal face

    The face is that part of the body that is always in sight. Every girl wants to be attractive, so the extra hairs in this area cause a lot of trouble and inconvenience. Using laser facial hair removal, you can quickly and painlessly solve problems with unwanted vegetation.Before making a decision, it is worth consulting with a doctor who has a positive experience. Along with general contraindications, exposure of the delicate area of ​​the face in this way has its limitations:

    • skin sensitivity;
    • predisposition to the appearance of freckles and pigmentation;
    • taking some antibiotics.

    Care should be taken to the above recommendations, otherwise the procedure does not exclude adverse effects. These include the appearance of strong pigmentation, freckles, scars and hormonal disruptions in the body. Processed skin is very sensitive to ultraviolet, so after a course of a couple of weeks it is better to refrain from staying under the sun and not go out without protective equipment.

    For girls with dark and dark skin, laser irradiation is ineffective

    Side effects of laser hair removal

    Laser hair removal has many "pitfalls". A patient who has decided to use this method for the first time must know about them. To the reasons causing negative consequences, include a number of factors:

    • Errors of the doctor, arising from poor-quality training, incorrect diagnosis of the patient’s characteristics, wrong choice of radiation parameters, and so on.The specialist is obliged to give accurate and complete information about all contraindications and possible consequences of laser hair removal.
    • Violation of post-procedure care rules by clients.
    • The patient’s state of health is often that the person himself does not know about the diseases that he has and in which laser irradiation is contraindicated.

    It is worth exploring the side effects of laser hair removal: pain, perifollykulyarny edema treated areas and redness of the skin. Such reactions occur almost immediately after exposure to the laser, but disappear after 4-5 hours and do not require medical intervention.

    If the reactions are moderately or poorly expressed, soothing creams and gels are used to eliminate them at home.

    Effects of laser hair removal

    Often, the desire to get rid of excess hair is so strong that some girls ignore important recommendations and do not take seriously the contraindications. However, such a frivolous attitude to health is fraught with unpleasant complications. To avoid this, it is better to first study the negative effects of laser hair removal. They are early and late.The first occur 3-7 days after the procedure, these include:

    • Burns occurring due to increased energy flux density, erroneous irradiation parameters, incorrect session technique, and so on.
    • Folliculitis - may develop in clients suffering from excessive sweating, or from a patient's visit between sessions of a bath, sauna or swimming pool.
    • Acneform reactions according to statistical data occur in 6% of young people who apply this method. However, these rashes quickly pass and do not require medical intervention.
    • Exacerbation of herpes is registered with clients with the virus in the initial phase of development, conducting hair removal in the lips and in the zone of deep bikini.
    • Allergic reactions, manifested in the form of itching, hives, dermatitis.
    • Conjunctivitis, photophobia, visual impairment - serious complications in the functioning of the visual apparatus, possible with eyebrow hair removal. Most often develop in people who have not used during the procedure, means to protect the eyes.

    Laser hair removal: contraindications and effects

    If the early complications occur immediately, then later appear after a few months or even years.These include the hyperpigmentation of the treated areas, the cause of which is considered to be sunbathing earlier than 2 weeks after the course. If an infection gets into the treated wells, it can lead to scarring, which can only be removed with the help of a surgical procedure.

    In some cases, irradiation provokes increased hair growth - hypertrichosis. The most susceptible to this complication is the face and neck. According to statistical data, in 11% of patients there is increased sweating during epilation in the armpit. And the most dangerous complication is the rebirth of moles and the development of skin cancer pathologies. Therefore, in no case can not be processed places with any neoplasms.

    Along with the negative consequences, the method has significant positive aspects:

    • Cessation of hair growth in the treated area for a period of 2 two weeks to several months.
    • The disappearance of hair forever.
    • Elimination of ingrown hairs arising from the use of wax or depilatory.

    No matter how desirable to be beautiful with minimal effort, it is worth remembering about the complications.Therefore, if there is a desire to resort to this method, you need to carefully study the contraindications and recommendations, pass the necessary tests and get a detailed consultation of the doctor. Then, using laser hair removal, you can permanently get rid of unwanted vegetation without fear of health.

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