• Leighton Meester Faces Naf Naf

    Leighton Meester has become the face of the French fashion brand Naf Naf. For the first time, Mark chose a world magnitude star as a muse.
    Leighton Meester in the Naf Naf Spring-Summer 2014 Campaign
    Leighton Meester in the Naf Naf Spring-Summer 2014 Campaign
    Photo: Archives of press services

    Leighton Meester took part in an advertising photo shoot of a French brand. For the actress, this is the first experience with a fashion brand. Before that, she was only the face of the Biotherm cosmetic brand. For the brand, such cooperation is also a novelty. For the first time in 60 years of existence, the brand acquired its own star muse.

    The photographer of the advertising campaign was made by the famous Steve Hiett. Lisa Sarfati became the stylist of the shooting.

    According to representatives, Leighton Mister has become the perfect embodiment of the image of the heroine of the brand. She is romantic, tender, dreamy, but at the same time cheerful and not losing touch with reality.

    The popularity of Leighton Meester brought the role of Blair Waldorf in the series Gossip Girl, and thanks to her impeccable style, she became a role model for girls around the world. In addition, the magazinePeopleincluded it in the list of the most beautiful stars of show business.

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