• Letter I and Letter I in pictures

    The Russian alphabet includes two pairs of twins: E and E, I, and Y. It is easier to study them in parallel, since the spelling is almost the same. Usually, the sound is given to small philologists with difficulty, so he needs to spend a little more time.

    We start with I: we pull it, we sing, we conclude - it is a vowel sound. Consider her image. The picture of the letter I is taken in such a way that the object depicted on it resembles the studied letter in its outlines. For example, you can add it from three spines.

     Letter I and Letter I in pictures

    Letter I and Letter J in pictures

    We listen to the words with this sound, we read the words from the book (we select the ones where And replaces the unstressed E). We look at the spelling of words, compare it with the sound: there is no And in the word of the letter, but there is sound. Hence, this sound can also be denoted by another letter - E.

     Letter And In Pictures

    Letter And In Pictures

     Letter J in pictures

    Letter J in pictures

    Let's go to the sound of J. We figure out where its name came from (And - short, that is short.) Try to say "I" quickly, shortly - get Y This explains the similar spelling of letters, and the dash above Y points to its brevity - it's a symbolic border of sound. Trying to sing - does not go out - we refer it to consonants. The letter Y is selected with such an object that is familiar to the children - it can be iodine or yogurt. ras We say that the letter "Y", included in the Russian alphabet, is most often found in the end of words, with which we describe various objects.

    Letter And Coloring

    Letter And the coloring

    At the end of the mini-lesson, the kids are offered a simple coloring of the letter I - given that the children studied two letters instead of one, you don’t need to overload them at the end of the lesson. For the same reason, the coloring of the letter Y is skipped.

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