• Lining the car door

    I want someone to sell my old VAZ 2110 and now slowly bring it in order. So I thought about it and realized that if something is replaced in it, then the price for it will rise substantially and in the end I will get more, even with the cost of spare parts. Advise a cheap lining on the door VAZ 2110.
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    New linings are worth a few hundred rubles used, and in fact they are no different in quality. I advise you to climb on different sites, similar to Avito, and I am sure that you will be able to find door linings in good condition at an affordable price.
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    Recently I walked around the market and some guy was selling lining just for the doors of VAZ 2110. I asked for about 500 rubles, but I refused to take it, because so far I just don�t need lining.
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    On average, lining cost 300-400 rubles, but of course it depends on the material from which they are made. Plastic is understandably the cheapest, but for chrome lining you will have to pay at least 1000 rubles.What kind of lining to take, you decide, but I would probably still take the plastic. Buy lining the doors of the VAZ 2110 here:
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    Look at the car market or disassembly.

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