• Lobby bar: what is it?

    Ksenia Vilinskaya
    Ksenia Vilinskaya
    December 19, 2014
    Lobby bar: what is it?

    The lobby bar is not in vain so called, because in English the lobby means "lobby", "hallway". And the word "bar" is so familiar to almost everyone. With the translation it is much easier to understand what this place is. The lobby bar is different from other entertainment venues in that it is located in the hotel lobby. You will find it near the reception. However, it is not in any hotel, but usually more respectable.

    Why go to the lobby bar? Usually in order to pass the time before a meeting, a tour or just for relaxation. As a rule, there are guests of a particular hotel. But since it is conceptually a meeting place, including a business meeting, it’s not only the guests who visit the lobby bar. Food in the lobby bar is not at all important, so do not count on a rich menu. You can order a sweet dessert like tiramisu, coffee cake or cream cake. The drinks are alcoholic, non-alcoholic, coffee, tea, there is a wine list.

    In the lobby bar is important atmosphere. It is also functional - in this place the Internet operates.

    The institution works, as a rule, around the clock or late.

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