• Looking for where you can buy shoes in bulk.

    The fact is that I have my own online shoe store and there are two points in the bazaar in Kiev. Now we are expanding our range by spring, looking for new suppliers, we need both women's and men's shoes.
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    Answered on February 1 16:48
    It’s not difficult to find a supplier now, it’s much harder to find really high-quality shoes. I would advise you not to take a large batch at once, but to take a few pairs for a sample.
    Answered on February 1 17:01
    That's why I do not order via the Internet, unfortunately, now there are not many high-quality products. It is better to spend time, but I come and see with my own eyes the goods.
    Answered on February 1 17:07
    It’s good that you have free time, I just don’t have it, I have to order via the Internet, like the author. Yesterday all evening sat on the Internet, I found where wholesale women's shoes for sale I am going to do the order. The company offers delivery throughout Ukraine, so you can try to order.

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