• Making and decoupage candles

    New Year's atmosphere on the holiday table is always created by additional accessories that complement and truly saturate the holiday called New Year. This holiday is magical in its own way, and therefore it is necessary to meet it with special magic accessories and decorations. For example, you can decorate not only the Christmas tree, but also hang tinsel everywhere, bright garlands, Christmas boots, make a beautiful festive tablecloth and put beautiful Christmas candles on the table that you can make with your own hands. Now we first make the candles themselves, and then we will decorate them with the help of decoupage technique. To make candles we take the following:
    • Paraffin;
    • Wick;
    • Wick holders;
    • Two glass cups, we will use as forms;
    • New Year's three-layer napkin for decoupage;
    • Iron bowl for a water bath;
    • Gold glitter;
    • Golden acrylic
    • Flavor of "Needles"
    • Lighter;
    • Tablespoon
    • Scissors;
    • Several white napkins;
    • Toothpicks.
     decoupage candles
    take we next
    We take a few pieces of paraffin, add them to a metal container and put them on a boiling water bath on a faint light. To paraffin melted gradually, but make sure not to boil. While the paraffin is melted, let's prepare the wick.
    Cut two pieces of wick to the height of the cup with a margin of two centimeters so that the wick remains on top of the candle. We insert each segment of the wick into the holder, lower it into the center of each cup and lower it onto the toothpicks. We are looking for the wick to be strictly centered and touching the bottom.
     shape wick
     We put the prepared containers We put the prepared containers on the napkins so as not to stain the surface.The wax is completely melted, you can pour forms.
    the tips of the wick are on top
    Fill the cups so that the tips of the wick are on top. We drop in each glass two drops of coniferous fragrance.
    Fill cups
     Fill the cups with paraffin
    Leave the candles to freeze for about 1.5-2 hours. Before you get the candles out of the form, you need to put them in the fridge for 15 minutes. They then well fall out of the cups. While the candles get cold, prepare a napkin. We cut the images we need with scissors.
     two drops of coniferous perfume
     we prepare a napkin Now we remove from each piece the topmost layer. We now carefully break one decorative element. So much more convenient to stick them to the surface of the candle.
     prepare a napkin
     remove the topmost layer Got candles, proceed to the decoration.Heat a table spoon with a lighter.  remove the topmost layer
     get down to decorating
    Apply a picture on a candle and spend on the picture with a hot spoon. Napkin begins to merge with the candles. So in a circle, take the next picture and the next one. Next we look at the places where there is no decor and already cutting off individual pieces of napkin we glue in the places we need. So we glue both candles.
     proceed to the decoration
     Putting a picture on a candle
    Now we draw with gold glitter snowflakes and put the gold paint dots. At the top of each candle we make a gold rim. 20-30 minutes are frozen by glitter and candles are ready. It will look very nice on your New Year's table and saturate your house with the scent of pine needles on a festive night. We put a picture on a candle
     It will look very nice
     decoupage of candles

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