• McAfee - how to remove?

    The Macafi application is familiar to many PC users. Most often it is distributed as an addition to the more popular software. What kind of program is it and how can users get rid of Mcafee as users who do not need it?


    What is McAfee?

    This is one of the most popular antivirus programs, which has many useful features, such as a file shredder or a tool for cleaning unnecessary files, and effectively blocks suspicious web sites. The disadvantages of the application are a rather complicated installation procedure and not the best results of detection of malicious software.

    McAfee Security Scan is a free, adware version of the antivirus with greatly reduced functionality that is pre-installed on many notebook models. Also this version is additionally offered for installation when installing the most different software. The application can display information about the anti-virus already installed on the computer, shows the state of the firewall, notifies the user about the unsafe sites visited by them.But to expect that this version will be able to protect the system from malware, of course, impossible. Therefore, if there is a normal anti-virus on your computer, it is best to disable or delete McAfee Security Scan.

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