• Meat in the oven in foil: cook juicy

    Meat in the oven in foil: cook juicyEvery self-respecting hostess should be able to cook meat in the oven in foil. This recipe makes it juicy and very tender. For baking in foil, you can choose any meat, except game. For example, beef, lamb and pork fit perfectly. How to cook meat in the oven? There are many ways. The most popular recipe for meat in foil is pork with spices and garlic.

    How to cook meat in foil: the main ingredients and preparation

    To cook meat in the oven in foil, we need:

    • foil,
    • 1 kilogram of pork,
    • 6 cloves of garlic,
    • 1 average carrot.

    For marinade:

    • 1 teaspoon salt
    • half a spoon of nutmeg,
    • 6-7 sweet peppers,
    • half a spoon of coriander,
    • 1 teaspoon cumin,
    • 1 teaspoon ground white pepper,
    • 5-6 pieces of cloves.

    When cooking meat in the oven in the foil, the spices are not basic, any of the ingredients (except for salt, of course) can be replaced with the one you like best.Meat in the oven in foil: cook juicy

    We begin our cooking by washing under pork water the main ingredient of our recipe - pork. If the meat is not fresh, but frozen, then it should be thawed in a bowl of cold water. After it should be dried on a towel, but in any case not paper - can stick. Cut into a piece of pork is not necessary.

    Now let's do the spices. Cut each slice of garlic in half, fold it on a plate. Then cut the carrots into small slices. Separately, we grind pepper and cloves until powdered in a mortar, add nutmeg, coriander, cumin and white pepper with salt.

    Take dried pork and roll it down in spices. Next, make 10 holes with a knife, and in each place 1 piece of carrot and one garlic.

    How to wrap

    Half the success of our dish depends on how well we wrap a serving of meat in foil. For pieces over 500 grams, it is important that they are wrapped very tightly. How to do it? We fold the sheet of foil twice, spread the meat on one half of the sheet, top it with the second half. However, make sure that there is no tension. It is better to take a longer sheet.Then wrap the edges so that a sachet is formed. Meat should not be visible through the folds.Meat in the oven in foil: cook juicy

    How to bake meat in foil in the oven.

    We set the oven temperature to 180 degrees. Already wrapped in foil pork put in the oven for 2 hours. Why so long? It is necessary to cook so long because of the size of the portion - we do not cut a kilogram of pork.

    Two hours later, take out. If you wrapped the foil correctly, the juice did not flow out, but if not, just pour the formed liquid on top. Then, if you have a grill function in your oven, fry for 10 minutes. If not, simply remove the wrapper and set the temperature to 220 degrees. After 10 minutes, take the dish out of the oven. Done! Now you know how to cook meat in foil in the oven.

    Meat sauce will not spoil.Meat in the oven in foil: cook juicy

    The best addition to this recipe is mustard, because the dish is not spicy, but simply rich in taste, thanks to a variety of spices. You can also pour the finished dish with lemon juice on top or add cranberry sauce.

    If you cook the meat in the foil in the oven according to this recipe, then it will turn out not only extremely tasty, juicy and rich, but also useful.Baking is one of the most gentle forms of heat treatment for nutrients.

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