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    Please advise a good dating site. And it so happened that surrounded by some women, and personal life should be arranged.
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    Come on, I do not believe that in modern society there is no place to meet a guy in real life. In the evening, go with a friend to a bar or a club and I am sure that you can make some acquaintance with someone.
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    The author, I think that if you showed your picture here, then the question of dating a guy, or even not one, could be decided right today. Provided, of course, that you are a pretty girl.
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    I once met on Mamba. Even with her first husband met there. But now there is a friend sitting there and saying that one cannot find anyone really normal. Maybe you try to place your profile on the Pickup Roux dating site? There are 32 million people in the database, I think you will find the right one among them. Here is a link to this site.
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    Never even went to dating sites
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    Now, many are getting acquainted on VK and on Facebook. There are special groups for dating.

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