• Men's congratulatory box

    My beloved man always wants to congratulate somehow in a special way, so that he is satisfied with your gift and that he really delivers true joy and great pleasure for a beloved and only man. Now literally all the gifts that are made with their own hands, especially considered close to the soul because they are made from the heart and with love. That is why now they are becoming increasingly valuable and popular. And imagine, even for a moment, if a woman does herself for her man at least something with her own hands. He will appreciate it and keep a long memory. And you can make quite unique and necessary things with your own hands. Even, for example, you want to give your beloved man perfume, some beautiful tie or something else, but for all this you need a package or a beautiful box. So it will be very useful to familiarize yourself with this article and make a beautiful gift box for men absolutely for any gift.It will subsequently be stored as a casket or photobox. For the manufacture of the box we take: • 20 * 25 cm three sheets of binding cardboard; • Brown-white cell fabric, thick cotton; • • Men's scrapbook paper 30 * 30 cm several sheets of a similar design and color, we take a brown-beige and dark blue gamut; • Sintepon; • Watercolor paper, large sheet, A2 format; • Two metal corners of silver color; • • Cardboard chipboard "Happy Birthday", a set of gears; • Cutting out of cardboard: big gears beige and brown, brown car, Kraft paper napkins, feathers, watches; • • enta from burlap; • Tape fabric in a cage 2.5 cm wide; • Water-based glue; • Double-sided tape; • • Ruler, glue-stick, scissors, elastic;
    • A simple pencil.
    Men's greeting box
     Men's greeting box
    We start by making a solid base of our box. We need two blanks 20 * 25 cm and one 6 * 25 cm. We spread them tightly to each other. Men's greeting box
    Now we cut two watercolor strips 4 * 25 cm, spread them with glue pencil and paste them onto the binding base, so we put it together in one.
     Men's greeting box
     Man's congratulatory box
    Now pasting the blank with strips of double-sided scotch, pasting the sintepon.
     Men's greeting box

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