• Mobbing at work


    Mobbing at work is an emotional abuse that is carried out by colleagues, subordinates or superiors. The surrounding shed rumors that do not exist, humiliate, ignore the victim, intimidate. Thus, the physical and mental state of a person is deteriorating. Are there any methods to combat such terror at work?

    Causes of mobbing - who choose to sacrifice?

    Not everyone can become a victim of mobbing, for this there are a number of reasons, certain character traits that distinguish this person from the crowd.

    Mobbing at work

    The concept of mobbing is new. However, the history of appearance, the essence of this word has been familiar for many hundreds of years. Mobbing often occurs in large collectives, where the bulk of people took up arms against one person. The reasons for this are not weighty, baiting begins usually when the victim is something different from the others. But consider the common reasons why one person becomes "not nice" for the others.

    White crow.

    Imagine the established team, where everyone has known each other for many years. It has established certain communication, its habits, customs and customs.Suddenly a newcomer comes - “white crow”, not like everything else, it is different from all the others. A different appearance, unattractive voice, dissimilar behavior, but anything can push a cohesive team. He is often perceived as a misguided Cossack. That is why they want to quickly get rid of the novice, to survive him from the team.

    - "Why do we need an extra rival?"

    Such situations, where the collective starts from scratch together, are practically excluded.

    Negative atmosphere.

    The working atmosphere can be not only business, but also negative. This happens in the case of an incorrect organization of the working process, the boss-dictator, who does not allow him to live and develop peacefully under his subordinates. Some are lovers of gatherings instead of lunch and gossiping about colleagues. Such an unhealthy atmosphere in a team easily pushes aggression. A splash of emotion occurs both in the inside and can affect one person who is currently caught in a hot hand.

    From nothing to do.

    There are groups where employees stupidly kill time, but do not fulfill the tasks assigned to them by the authorities.And the first one who falls under the "distribution" of a negative attitude towards himself will be a workaholic. He responsibly approaches his duties, but his colleagues will suspect him of idleness that he will give himself up before the boss. This is often not the case; a person is really working, but he cannot be saved from the blows of colleagues.

    Unsuitable for the boss.

    There are also situations when the subordinate does not like management. The terror “from above” begins. However, the rest are adjusted to a negative wave in relation to the unloved employee, supporting the bosses.

    Mobbing at work


    Envy - a frequent phenomenon in large groups. Family well-being, financial well-being, a quick climb up the career ladder, good relations with the management - all this provoke others to envy. And this is a bad feeling that destroys a person and the team as a whole from the inside, like rot. Once again, do not call it among employees, do not brag about finances, expensive purchases, joys in family life. Share it with family and friends who really appreciate, understand and rejoice with you.

    Psychological self-affirmation.

    This happens even in kindergartens and schools, when the older (in this case - psychologically strong) comrade asserts himself at the expense of the weaker character. He humiliates him, scoffs, mocks him in every way and provokes negative emotions.

    Low self-esteem.

    This reason is the least common. A person - a victim does not know how to defend his own rights, an opinion, he will come under the blow of any, even the most peaceful group. By the complex of the victim, he personally provokes his colleagues to mobbing, showing cowardice, helplessness, weakness.

    Prestigious position.

    Attacks are also people who occupy the most tasty posts in the team. The main reasons for this are: high wages, loyal attitude of the boss, a separate workplace with a private secretary and amenities, useful connections, etc. Terror is taking place in order to eliminate this person from the desired position that someone from the team would like to get. However, this does not mean that if the victim leaves his post, the new comer will not be subjected to the same pressure.

    Mobbing at work

    The new chief.

    Imagine the situation, the vacant place in the leadership.Everyone from the team wants to get it. But a new, unfamiliar person comes to anyone and violates all their plans. At the same time, he begins to change the existing foundations, shuffle duties between employees, introduce a new regulation and establish a different mode of operation. Militia against him. The output of such a leader is to dismiss subordinates. However, he can not eliminate all of them, and working under the pressure of colleagues is not an easy task.

    Mobbing types

    There are several types of mobbing, here are the most common in working groups:

    Horizontal and vertical. Horizontal directed by a group of people at their colleague. Vertical - on the head (or vice versa - the head against the subordinate).
    Latent (hidden) mobbing. In this case, there is no open expression of negative emotions and aggression. Colleagues provoke the victim with the help of ignoring, hints, certain situations that themselves force a person to leave the team.

    Here are 2 situations that vividly describe latent mobbing against a colleague. The head instructed the employee to print important documents for an urgent meeting.Employees are aware of this and deliberately do not free the printer. They continue to print and copy all new papers, not responding to the pathetic requests of the employee to release the equipment for a couple of minutes. As a result, they do it right before the very meeting.

    Mobbing at work

    And the second situation: the head reported through one of his subordinates, that there would be an urgent meeting. And of course, the mobbing victim was not informed about this. He will know about it after the end of the meeting.

    The victim of latent mobbing begins a lack of communication. He is deliberately avoided in conversations; he is not invited to general tea drinking and conversations. The team is forced to appeal to the victim only on work issues.

    Mobbing aims to force the victim to leave the team, change jobs. After all, the unhealthy atmosphere, the lack of full-fledged communication, a stick in the wheel - all this is exhausting, the work seems difficult, in the morning there is no desire to go for it. In the evening it feels as if day and night unloaded the cars.

    The one who was the leader, the provocateur-initiator of the pressure gets great pleasure when he achieves his own - the departure of the victim of the mobbing.

    Vertical latent mobbing.Here the initiator is the chief, who is unhappy with one of his subordinates. There is no open confrontation, there is only hidden psychological pressure: it ignores the labor achievements of the worker, provides complex, routine work that no one really needs (monkey labor), does not invite to meetings, does not report on events, meetings, conferences. Thus, the boss shows that he does not want to see his subordinate there. The initiative of the employee is completely ignored. The ability to climb the career ladder for such an employee is zero. The Head obstructs this in every possible way.
    Open mobbing is the most common form. Here everything happens openly: mockery, threats, material damage. This is done intentionally by the initiator of the pressure.
    Sandwich mobbing. In this type of pressure occurs from different angles: from colleagues, and from the boss.

    Consequences of mobbing at work

    Mobbing worsens the psychological and physical condition of the victim.

    With only the emerging pressure, the worker tries in every possible way to prove that he is worthy of respect, the location of the collective.He takes the initiative, tries to be useful and helpful, often performs dirty and tedious work. But it does not help. When the mobbing moves to a new level, all the fervor of the victim fades. They no longer greet him, ignore him at the meeting, do not call him for holidays and working events, bypass him, put him in front of the authorities in no better way. Man becomes an outcast.

    Mobbing at work

    What does the victim feel?

    He showed so much effort, followed the instructions of the head. However, all his manipulations did not lead to anything. What does it mean?

    - "I do not have enough qualifications, I'm not interested in interlocutor". This is the opinion of the employee-victim of mobbing. Reduced self-esteem. Replenished piggy complexes. State of helplessness, vulnerability and depression. The physical condition worsens: headaches, insomnia, colds. The chronic course of these diseases leads to time off at work, often hospital. It does not like the authorities, which further provokes a splash of negative emotions in the direction of the victim.

    Constant pressure affects performance.Pay attention, memory worsens, some working issues are solved with great difficulty. It often happens that mobbing leads to heart attack or stroke due to psychological overstrain. In this case, the application for dismissal is the only way out of the situation.

    After the dismissal, the consequences of the mobbing persecute the victim for a long time. This is post-traumatic stress.

    It seems that psychological violence is not such a heavy “hobby”. However, experts in the field of criminal law put on one level of murder, violence and mobbing at work. He leads to such psychological trauma that even can lead to suicide. Often, victims of mobbing have to seek help from psychoanalysts.

    When a team turns against one employee only for the sake of entertainment, distraction from routine affairs, he does not think about the consequences. But they are serious. And not only for the victim herself, but also for her relatives and friends. And the work in such an unhealthy team is not the best way. After all, the main factor for the successful performance of tasks is the atmosphere in the workplace.

    The paramount in the work team is to increase sales, attract customers, quickly complete work tasks. But during the hobby of mobbing, all energy is directed in the wrong direction - the victim. This affects the activities of the whole enterprise.

    It is known that mobbing brings huge losses to the company. Therefore, the task of managers is to establish an atmosphere in the work collective, not to allow such situations and not to become initiators of provocative actions.

    Mobbing at work

    How not to become a victim of mobbing

    Life under constant stress is hell. How long you do not stretch. If once you have become a victim of mobbing, then you probably will suffer the same fate at the next job. In order not to become a target again, you will have to learn how to behave in a team differently, correctly put yourself.

    Maintain a normal working atmosphere in the team leader. There, where friendly relations reign, and work is adjusted. Everyone performs their own duties and does not climb into someone else's life.

    The goal of the leadership is to lead and set the climate, communication strategy, behavioral moments that the team strictly follows.For example, the atmosphere in the team will spoil relatives or intimate relationships between colleagues. This causes gossip, gossip, envy. A competent leader will stop and will not allow such situations in the workplace.

    If you are already a victim of mobbing, stay calm, do not show fear and panic. The initiator of the pressure will immediately feel your condition and realize that he has grasped a weak spot. He will continue to terrorize you with a new force.

    Mobbing at work

    How to deal with mobbers

    Is your enemy a direct supervisor? Yes, the task is not simple, but feasible! We'll have to sweat to prove that you are worth something. Moreover, it is necessary to prove both colleagues and superiors. If you can't reach your boss, go higher. After all, for sure there is a superior leadership that will hear, appreciate and understand!
    Do you occupy a tasty place, which is claimed by another employee from your team? Prove to management every day that you deserve this place. Make your suggestions for improving the work process, show professional skills, work.
    Keep in your arsenal a hidden camera, a voice recorder, in order to be able to prove your own correctness to your superiors, to demonstrate proof of mobbing against you. Be alert - mobbers are not asleep.Every minute they are looking for a good moment to make fun of you.

    Analyze the current situation, think about your own health. Is it worth enduring further attacks of enemies when the critical point is near? Can it be easier to quit and find a new job? So you will save your nerves and health and cease to please your opponents with your sour look.

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