• Montessori Mathematics

    Montessori mathematics - is it so difficult? Maria Montessori has developed many methods and tools for teaching children different subjects.

    She managed to build a process of familiarizing herself with simple mathematical concepts in such a way that the child begins to perceive numbers, formulas and symbols visually and tactilely, and only then they fit in his mind as some kind of abstraction.

    According to M. Montessori’s theory, by providing the child with various objects that he can compare in size, size, quantity and form, we thereby create favorable environments to develop his mathematical abilities; in fact, we learn to count by playing. Using, for example, brilliant beads that can be made at home, we give the kid a visual idea that one of them is only a point, ten is already a straight line, and one hundred can be represented as a square of these small balls. It turns out that, laying out the beads, we together learn to count and represent numbers on the plane.

    Montessori beads 2

    The presentation of the score from 1 to 10 with Montessori beads is as follows:

    on the album sheet, you draw a black and white pyramid from circles that coincide in diameter the size of the beads.

     Montessori Mathematics 1

    Montessori Mathematics 1

    Prepare the color pencils that are in color as much as possible coincide with the color of the beads.

    On the other sheet the same pyramid is represented, but already colored (in it we repeat the colors of beads). Below it, we represent the numbers from 1 to 10, and next to it is the corresponding number of beads of a certain color.

    The child looks at the image of the bead, finds it and puts it on the picture.

    "> Montessori Mathematics 2

    Montessori Mathematics 2

    We draw attention to the number written nearby, say aloud. Thus we connect the number of specific objects (beads) with their image on paper and the abstract notion - a figure. Now we pick up a black and white workpiece and paint the pyramid on it in accordance with its color image on the second sheet .Say aloud the number of painted beads in each tier of the pyramid.

     Montessori Mathematics 3

    Montessori Mathematics 3

    Then decompose before child images of numbers on individual cards (you can cut them out of cardboard). We suggest putting the right amount of beads over them. Thus, we will connect the abstract figures with real objects without using an intermediary (painted beads).

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