• Mother’s pants sundress

    Preliminary training

    First you need to wash your trousers and iron them. Then cut it along the inner step seam. If you trim the upper part (where the pockets and zipper are sewn), we will get two relatively flat webs with a seam in the middle.
    Children's sundress of mother's trousers
    There is no need to dissolve it, we will cut the product so that it still serves. Construction of the pattern It is quite simple. In the usual case, it could be painted directly on the fabric. But we do not cut it on a flat canvas, but on an already used one, so it’s more convenient to work with a paper pattern.


    Width below = waist girth + 2 cm. Height and width of the upper part do at will, measuring on the child from the waist line up. Side seam to armhole = about 5 cm. This is for a child about 110 cm tall. We draw an arm line with an arc, smoothly connecting the side seam to the top of the product.
    Children's sundress of mother's pants


    It is built in the same way.We measure the height and width of the upper edge individually on a child.
    Mother's trousers sundress


    This detail is the same for the front and back. Width = waist circumference + 2 cm. Part height = product length + 2 cm (for bottom processing). For the patterns, you can use any paper, even old newspapers. Or stick together several sheets of white A-4 paper.


    1. We apply the paper pattern to the seamy side so that the middle of the part coincides with the seam on the fabric. You can cut out the top part as a unit with the skirt.
    Children's sundress of mother's pants
    But at the same time you need to see if there are any scuffs on the front side in this place. If there are problems with the fabric, the skirt will have to be cut separately, and then sewn to the details of the front and back. 2. Paper pattern pinned by tailors pins. Outline it with a pencil or soap, if the fabric is dark. Mark seam allowances of 1 cm. Cut.
    Children's sundress of mother's pants
    3. We got the finished part in front and back.
    Mother's trousers sundress
    Children's sundress of mother's pants
    4.From the remaining fabric we cut straps.
    Children's sundress of mother's pants
    Measure their length on a child. Width is about 2.5 cm. The edge at the sewing point to the back is slightly widened. In this case, two straps in width should correspond to the width of the top of the back.


    When starting to sew, you should first buy a ready-made slanting tape in the store or carve it out of the remnants of the fabric.
    • We fold the details of the front and back to the front. We break the seams with tail pins.
    Mother's trousers children's sundress We are laying machine stitches.
    Children's sarafan from my mother's trousers
    We process the seams (with an overlock or zigzag).
    • We cut the shawls with an oblique tack and sew the back part with a seam stitch to the top.
    Mother's trousers sundress
    Mother's trousers sundress
    Children's sundress of mother's trousers
    • Armholes front and back, the upper edge of the front is also treated with oblique inlay.To do this, fold it in half, pin the tailor pins to the edge of the fabric and pave the machine line.
    Mother's trousers sundress
    Children's sundress of mother's trousers
    • We sew buttons on the straps, and in the corners of the part of the front we make loops.
    • We process the bottom of the product . This may not be necessary if, when cutting the bottom of the skirt, it coincided with the previously treated bottom of the old trousers.
    Mother's trousers sundress
    Children's sundress from mom's trousers
    The sundress is ready! Children's sundress with your own hands is quite simple, the work does not require special knowledge and does not take much time. In it, the child will be comfortable and not hot in the summer heat.


    A similar thing can be made from old jeans. Then the sundress will perfectly match with a turtleneck or a light sweater. Ideal for spring or kindergarten. In addition, children's sundress of old jeans will give your second life a favorite thing and save money. This is also a good option for beginning tailors. A simple pattern is built in a few minutes, cutting and sewing does not require special skills.Every mother will be able to do such a thing, and the child will be very happy with the unexpected new thing.

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