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    September is the time to harvest and ... create. However, inappropriate time for creativity in general does not happen. After all, he is such a talent, you can not hide it. What talents does your baby have? Maybe he sings or dances? Or loves to draw, sculpt from clay? Or maybe your baby is one of those who, since childhood, feels craving for a hand-made toy and passionately loves handicrafts? Show us your creative kid! And we will publish the five brightest images in the first October issue of the magazine Antenna-Telesem.

    We only beg you: do not forget to fulfill ALL the conditions of the competition - there are so few of them. Otherwise, we just can not put your lovely baby in a magazine.

    By the way, you can admire the winners of the previous contest �Harvest for a baby� HERE.

    What should be done?

    1.�Upload a photo of your baby (children age: from birth to 8 years).

    Please note: photo collages, as well as photos with inscriptions on them to participate in the competitionnot accepted!

    2.�Gather hearts, i.e.Internal likes on the site that are available to registered users.

    3.�Oftop 20�personnel editorial staff will select onlyFIVE. They will get on pages of magazine "Antenna-Telesem"!

    Please do not forget to SIGN A photo - the name, surname, age of the child, as well as your city! The country should know its heroes :)

    Works are accepted until September 29 inclusive. The results will be announced on October 3, the day of the magazine with photos of the winners.

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