• Natural condensed milk at home

    Condensed milk is loved by many of us. If not in pure form, then as an addition to tea, coffee or cocoa. It is also used for the preparation of various confectionery products. And the boiled condensed milk is considered one of the most delicious treats.

    Condensed milk at home - recipe for homemade condensed milk with photos

    We used to buy condensed milk in stores. Now many companies produce this product. However, unfortunately, not always the modern market offers a quality product. Very often in the banks found too rare, watery and almost tasteless mass. In addition, various harmful preservatives and vegetable fats are often added to it. What to do in this situation? The solution will be the preparation of condensed milk at home.

    Remember, because before the housewives often cooked condensed milk at home. We offer you to try a simple homemade condensed milk recipe. The process does not take much time, and as a result you will get an absolutely natural, really dairy, healthy and tasty product.Such sweetness can safely please even the smallest children, and adults will be delighted!

    Recipe for homemade condensed milk

    Condensed milk at home - recipe for homemade condensed milk with photos

    The cooking method is quite simple, even a novice cook can handle it. Prepare condensed milk according to our recipe, following the recommendations below. The finished product will be an excellent dessert, as well as suitable as an ingredient for baking cakes and cooking various other sweets.

    Ingredients Required:

    • milk - 300 ml
    • granulated sugar - 350 g
    • dry milk - 250 g

    Cooking method:

    1. It is best to use homemade, full-fat milk. If you do not find one, then choose a store with the highest percentage of fat. In a saucepan, mix all the ingredients with a whisk or a mixer.

      Condensed milk at home - recipe for homemade condensed milk with photos

    2. Prepare a water bath and boil the mixture for about an hour, stirring often. Fire set the middle.

    Condensed milk at home - recipe for homemade condensed milk with photos

    As you can see, the recipe for homemade condensed milk is really very simple! Our condensed milk is ready. If desired, it can be rolled up in banks. Shelf life - 2-3 months.


    A few recommendations on how to cook condensed milk at home:

    • often for cooking cream is used in proportions of 1: 1. Especially it is necessary, if the store milk is not fat enough;
    • to add a lot of sugar, try adding cane sugar instead of the usual one. It turns out not just the desired consistency, but the taste becomes more original;
    • very convenient to cook in a double boiler;
    • if you cook just on the stove in the pan, constantly watch the milk and stir it, otherwise it will burn or “run away”;
    • pour the finished product with a clean spoon to extend the shelf life;
    • There is an alternative method of cooking: boil sugar syrup and pour milk into it, boil over low heat with constant stirring. The longer you cook, the thicker the mass becomes;
    • Best suited milk marked "BIO";
    • the natural product is rich in such vitamins: A, B12, B1, B2;
    • add some vanilla sugar or pure vanilla on the tip of the knife to add flavor;
    • homemade milk can be easily cooked. Pour it into a glass jar and close the lid, put it in a saucepan with boiling water and cook for about three hours. The water must reach the top of the lid. If necessary, add boiling water, but not cold water, otherwise the bank will explode.

    How to boil condensed milk, you now know. Hurry to the kitchen to experience a new recipe!

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