• Needle - half an apple

    Hello. Needle-bar is a very necessary thing for housewives. But everyone is used to seeing them square, round and not original. Today I want to share with you the idea of ​​how to quickly and easily make an original and beautiful needle case with your own hands. For this we need: - Foam rubber. - Scissors. - Fabric of red, green, yellow and brown colors. - Threads in the color of the fabric. - Needle. - Wire. - Black and brown felt-tip pen. - Cutting pliers. First we need foam rubber. From it we will cut half of the future apple. This can be done with scissors. Here's how I did it.
     cut a half of an apple
     cut an apple half
    Now let's take aluminum wire with nippers bite her two pieces. One piece I have turned out a length of 9 centimeters, and the second 20 centimeters. A short section will serve us as a stick for an apple, from a long section we will make a leaf. It is done simply.Bend the wire in the form of a sheet, twisting the ends together. In general, the length of the segments depends on the size of the cut apple.
     take aluminum wire
     take aluminum wire
    Take fabric. In fact, you can take a fabric of any color and any texture, because this is your apple and let it be as you want it. I took a monochrome fabric of yellow, green, brown, and red with a pattern.
     We take the cloth
    As you already understood, we will make a leaf from green fabric. On the fabric and put the wire frame, cut around it, adding allowances for seams of 0.5 cm. Cut and sew a leaf by inserting a wire frame into the inside.
     Let's make a leaf
    We'll take a brown cloth. Cut off from it a rectangle 3 cm wide, 6 centimeters long, wind it on the second piece of wire for volume and sew. Three centimeters of wire are left withoutfabrics.
    piece of wire
     piece of wire
    Sew a leaf to a stick. It is only necessary to sew as tightly as possible so that our leaf keeps well.
     We sew a leaf to the stick
    For reliability, we grease the tip of the wire and paste it into half apples.
     grease with glue and insert
    Take the red cloth for the convex side of the apple and the yellow cloth for the flat side. We sheathe the apple where we make the undercuts.
     We sheathe the apple
     We sheathe the apple
    We sheathe the apple
     We sheathe the apple
    Our little apple is almost ready, it remains only to draw a core and cut the apple. Draw it with brown and black felt-tip pens. If you are not an artist, then first I advise you to make a drawing with a simple pencil and, if you like, circle it with a felt-tip pen of the desired color.To make it easier to understand where and what to draw, take a half of this apple and see. This is what I did.
     Needle of apple half
    You can simply put such needle bed on the shelf or make a small loop and hang it on the wall.
    Needle half apple
    Such a needle bed will perfectly fulfill its direct purpose and serve as an ornament of the interior. Bye.

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