• New Year tree application from yarn

    Now the New Year is approaching with an easy step, for the meeting of which people of different generations and ages are preparing. At registration of an interior the majority use classical small lamps, a rain, garlands. Fans also create their own hands, creating unique and original crafts, tend to bring to life the most sometimes flimsy ideas. We also suggest that you try your hand at creating a simple application that your children will be happy to help you with. For the application, we will need just a few items: yarn (not too thin) of a green tone (there is no other color of Christmas tree) - quite literally 4-4.5 meters; simple pencil; “Moment” glue (universal) or PVA; scissors; A5 format cardboard (half of an album sheet) gray color (you can the desire to take yellow, white is the background on which the Christmas tree will be located); brilliant candy wrappers from Fet, sequins, foil,rhinestones or any brilliant confetti; nimble and hardworking hands.
     Christmas tree appliqué made of yarn
    Work order: 1. We prepare 3 threads of yarn in length on 130 - 150 centimeters. We tie one end of all three threads into a modest little knot. We enclose the knot under something heavy for fixation (for example, a desk lamp), and weave a pigtail. At the end of the pigtail we make a knot again.
     Christmas tree appliqué made of yarn
     Christmas tree applique from yarn
    New Year Tree appliqué from yarn

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