• New Year's card "Golden Cockerel"

    Materials used:
    • Thick paper;
    • Glitter;
    • PVA glue;
    • Thin brush;
    • Stationery knife (or at least a blade);
    • Paper clips;
    • Pen or pencil;
    • Spatula for sprinkling with sequins (nail tips were used here).
     New Year Card Golden Cockerel

    Selection of materials

    A handmade greeting card is not just a part of a gift, it’s a proof of A serious approach to the choice of a present. Such things are always individual and unique. Therefore, it is worth considering what you will make a postcard from. As a basis, you can use a simple album sheet or special double-sided paper, which is painted on each side in its own color. I would like to note that postcards made in the technique of figure carving look on this paper most effectively.However, if you do not have the opportunity to purchase such materials, and simple sheets from an album for drawing are not dense enough or look too simple, you can use watercolor paper, as was done in this master class. Watercolor paper is a little denser than landscape paper. the sheet has a pleasant porous structure and, moreover, you yourself can paint it in different colors without fear of deformation. Among other things, to cut out parts from such paper is quite simple, in contrast to too dense for this technique, cardboard. You can take any sequins, but preferably small or medium ones. The combination of several colors will look beautiful. We do not forget that the symbol of 2017 is a fiery rooster, therefore we select the appropriate color range. In addition, for the sparkles, we need a spatula or something that is convenient for them to be carefully poured onto paper. The PVA glue should be thick enough and not spread, and the brush for applying it is thin enough so that it is possible to apply the intended pattern. Separately, I want to say about the knife for cutting. It is best to use a special - mock-up, but even a simple clerical, or even a blade from it, will do.However, using a blade without a knife is quite traumatic, and if it just so happened that the knife broke and you urgently need to cut, be careful!

    Work flow

    To start, think up and draw a suitable picture or just we print it on plain office paper.
     new year card golden cockerel
    Then prepare the basis for the card. To do this, we take the paper of a suitable format, bend it in half, if necessary, cut it with simple or curly scissors. Then we fix the resulting drawing securely on a card.
    New Year Card Golden Cockerel
    Shade the cut area, check carefully so as not to cut off the excess.
     new year card golden cockerel
    Getting down to cutting. Naturally, all this should be done sitting at a table with good lighting and placing a wooden board or an old magazine under a postcard.
     new year card golden cockerel
    Remove the clips, carefully separate the sheet with the picture from the postcard,extrude the received elements.
     new year card golden cockerel
    Create a pattern for spangles, apply glue to selected areas with a thin brush.
     new year greeting card golden rooster
    With the help of a scapula or hand tools alternately we pour glitters of different colors. It is very convenient to do this on a clean sheet of paper, then you can simply shake off the extra sparkles back into a jar.
     new year card golden cockerel
     new year card golden cockerel

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