• No worse than Ivanka! The most beautiful Russian millionaire in the world

    The daughter of Russian tycoon Vasily Anisimov got into the top 10 most beautiful heirs of the world.

    First, let's talk a little bit about dad. Vasily Anisimov is on the list of Russia's richest businessmen. According to data from last year, he occupied the 56th line in the Forbes ranking. He is the owner of Coalco and co-owner of Gazmetall.

    The billionaire's oldest daughter Galina was killed in 2000 under mysterious circumstances. Not surprisingly, Anisimova’s younger heir, Anna, was sent for permanent residence in America for her own safety.

    Anna Anisimova
    Photo: Getty Images

    In the US, Anna was building a career as a model, an actress, and soon successfully married the general director of the film company Sunrise Pictures Peter Schafer. The story of their love, by the way, is amazing beautiful. They knew each other for a very long time, but the relationship didn’t go any further. Only in 2010 at a party of mutual friends, when Peter just broke up with his girlfriend, and Anna was free, they fell in love with each other. Their romance developed very rapidly.Four months later they got engaged, and after seven months they were married.

    It is worth noting that at the time of acquaintance with her future husband, Anna was already quite a popular actress. She played her first role in 2009 in the comedy “The Brilliant Dad” by Trent Cooper. This was followed by work in the action movie "Snitch" and the drama "Excitement". After a two-year break after marriage, the girl again takes part in the shooting. This time in the pictures “New Attempt by Kate McCall” and “There Is Always Woodstock”. And soon the fantastic action movie “Prototype” will be released, in which Anisimova played one of the main roles!

    Of course, Anna works not for money, but for the soul. Her fortune is estimated at $ 2 billion. And in America she is called Russian Peris Hilton. Why are the headlines of the American press about our beauty: “Anna Anisimova rented a mansion for $ 550 thousand”, “Anna Anisimova bought an apartment for $ 15 million,” etc.

    Anna and Paris are also united by the fact that she also has a sister. True, the older Angelica leads a more closed lifestyle and does not tell anything about herself. She did not get into the list of handsome portal Trendchaser.

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