• Nutty Liqueur Recipes

    Nut liqueur - a drink with a pronounced taste and aroma. It is used in the preparation of various dishes, desserts, cocktails. How to make nutty liqueur at home? What raw materials are used for this? Methods of making homemade sweet alcohol drink will find in this article.

    How to make nutty liqueur at home
    How to make nutty liqueur at home?
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    Assorted nuts1 kgVodka2 liters1 literCarnation6 piecesSugar1 kgCinnamon1 stick
    • Servings:
    • Cooking time:25 minutes

    Recipes for Peanut Liquor from Mature and Green Fruits

    For the preparation of homemade alcohol, you can use a nut assortment - so at the exit you will get a drink with a more saturated color and aroma. The main thing - the fruit must not be stale and not spoiled.


    • Assorted nuts (peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts,) - 1 kg;
    • vodka - 2 l .;
    • water - 1 l .;
    • carnation - 6 buds;
    • sugar - 1 kg;
    • Cinnamon - 1 stick.

    Carefully sort the nut mix, remove the shell particles and debris, then grind it in a blender or coffee grinder.Pour assorted into a clean three-liter jar, combine with cloves and cinnamon, add vodka and mix. Billet put insist in a dark place for 30-35 days. After the time, you need to prepare a syrup.

    To do this, combine the sugar with water, boil until thickened, constantly stirring and removing the resulting white foam. The syrup is cooled, mixed with the nut tincture filtered through gauze.

    Liquor again leave to infuse for 15 days, after which it is fully ready for use. The only minus of homemade liquor is that it has a shorter shelf life than a store bought product.

    Liquor is prepared not only from ripe, but also from green walnuts. The output is a drink with an original taste and an abundance of nutrients.

    List of ingredients:

    • Ethyl alcohol (not diluted) - 1 liter;
    • water - 500 ml;
    • cinnamon (ground) - ½ tsp;
    • sugar - 500 g .;
    • vanilla - 2 pcs .;
    • unripe walnuts - 40 pcs.

    Wash the nuts, cut into several parts, place in a sterilized three-liter jar. Add cinnamon and vanilla to them, pour in alcohol. Close the container and remove the infusion for 2.5–3 months, shaking the tincture every other day.

    From the water and sugar, boil the syrup, cool and mix with the tincture, insist again for 10 days, shaking the jar daily. The output is a dark green strong drink, it is recommended to drink it in diluted form or as part of cocktails.

    Peanut Cocktails

    Alcoholic beverages, which include nut liqueur, have a pleasant taste and are easy to drink. The simplest cocktail is a glass of freshly brewed coffee mixed with 1 tbsp. l liquor and 30 milliliters of cream.

    At home, you can make the following alcoholic cocktails:

    • "Double Risk";
    • "Belt of innocence";
    • Luau;
    • "Abbot's dream".

    To prepare two servings of “Double Risk”, you need to mix crushed ice, 100 ml of peanut liqueur, 100 ml of black sambuka in a blender. Add 100 ml of creamy ice cream and 400 ml of milk to the mixture, then whisk again with a blender. Pour into tall, narrow glasses, serve with a straw and a coffee spoon.

    "Belt of innocence" got its name due to appearance. The finished drink consists of four layers and looks original. For two servings of the cocktail, you will need 40 milliliters (20 per 1 portion) of coffee liqueur, 20 ml of nut and 20 ml (10 per 1 portion) of Beilis liqueur.

    Ingredients are poured in layers in shot glasses or special tall narrow glasses.The top layer of the drink is cream, for each portion of 5 ml.

    Luau is made from nut liqueur (100 milliliters), cherry or pomegranate syrup (12 drops) and pineapple juice (430 milliliters). In a mixer, mix all ingredients with crushed ice, then pour into tall glasses, 200–300 ml in volume. Serve with fresh pineapple.

    "Abbot's dream" - a cocktail with a creamy banana flavor with light notes of hazelnuts. For two servings you will need half a banana, 20 milliliters of Baileys liqueur, 20 milliliters of nut liqueur, 2 tbsp. l cream Cut a banana, place it in a blender, add the remaining ingredients and ice, beat, pour into high glasses.

    Liquor, cooked at home, has an original taste and unique aroma. It is completely natural, does not contain preservatives and dyes. It is easy to prepare an alcoholic drink, it is enough to follow the above recipes.

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