• Charm Doll "Plantain"

    Collecting men on the road, often girls (women), along with things, put their favorite miniature doll-charm “Plantain” made of pieces of cloth to their beloved. In the hands of the doll there was a bundle in which several grains of millet or other cereals and threads were hidden. Krupa was a symbol of satiety, so that the traveler was always full on the road. The threads were laid with the aim that the traveler always managed to find his way home. And you can make such a doll very quickly and easily.
    Let's start making a charm doll: Putting a rag in the middle of a white square form a dense ball that will play the role of a doll's head.
    In the center of a small colored square we put millet, threads and tie it in the form of a knot to the hands of the doll. Again, tie the hands with a knot to the neck, put a scarf on the head of the doll (triangle-shaped fabric) and tie it to the knot from behind. Charm doll is ready.
     Prey doll
     Charm Doll

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