• Cosmetics Organizer

    Each woman has her own collection of nail polishes, nail files, creams, etc. I also have a certain amount accumulated. I kept it in a cardboard box from under the products, which I took from one chain store (with permission). But I began to bother the appearance of the box, decided to improve it with the help of tubes. In addition, it was inconvenient to get nail polish, because the height of the sides of the box is much larger. Therefore, I thought up to make a small shelf from an empty milk package. List of required materials: 1. Cardboard box. 2. Milk package (or another smaller cardboard box).3. Tubes (painted). 4. Scissors. 5. Sewing. 6. Cloth or self-adhesive film for finishing. Also, when using paper tubes, it is useful to have on hand glue for glue Sometimes it is necessary to glue the edges, or glue the tubes together.
     Organizer for cosmetics
    First she cut off the top of the box, I do not need,so that it closes.
    Organizer for cosmetics
    At the bottom of the marking with a pen, there will be racks. The holes are made with the help of a small sewing machine bought in a handicraft shop.

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