• Original and piquant quesadilla

    Many believe that all the dishes of Mexican cuisine are very spicy, and chili or spices are added to each of them. In fact, this is not entirely true. Just the cuisine of Mexico seeks to enhance the taste of the main ingredient. Thanks to this, any dish turns out to be original and unusual.

    In Mexican cuisine there are basic ingredients, without which not a single meal is complete. One such is a tortilla cake. It serves as the basis for such well-known delicacies as the burrito, takos and quesadilla.

    Quesadilla is a snack that is very common in Mexico, and each cooks it in its own way. Some use it as a snack, but it can also replace lunch and dinner. The main feature of the dish is cooking speed. If you have special cake layers, then the time for cooking will not take more than 20-30 minutes.

    How to cook tortillas?

    Tortillas can be completely replaced with lavash, but if you want to bake a real quesadilla, you can cook them yourself.

    For centuries, tortilla baked from corn flour, but now bake them at home is problematic. Cornmeal dough is very inelastic and difficult to roll. Therefore, the best option would be to bake wheat bread.

    Cooking is easy. It is enough to knead the dough made from flour and water. Add some sunflower oil and salt. If desired, you can put a little baking powder, it will give the test layering.

    They can be purchased at the supermarket. Only before use is recommended to warm up a little in the microwave or oven.

    Now that you have wheat tortillas, you can begin the process of making homemade quesadillas. The main recipe for cooking this dish is not, therefore we suggest you bake this snack with chicken.

    Flakes with chicken meat


    • tortillas - 2 pcs .;
    • chicken fillet - 2 pcs .;
    • tomato - 1 pc .;
    • Bulgarian pepper - 1/3 pcs .;
    • onions - 1 pc .;
    • cheese - 50-70 g;
    • salt, pepper - to taste.


    1. Pour the tomato or simply pour boiling water over it, remove the skin from it.
    2. Grate the grated cheese. Pepper cut into cubes.
    3. Tomato, onion and chicken fillet also cut into cubes, as small as possible.
    4. Heat the frying pan, fry the onion, add the chicken. Fry it until ready. Then add the tomato.
    5. Solim, pepper.
    6. Stew for a few minutes. If in the process formed a large amount of liquid, then we merge it.
    7. Take the tortilla, one half lay out all the ingredients.
    8. Fold in half and fry on both sides. If there is a grill pan, it is best to do on it.
    9. After a couple of minutes, remove from heat, lay on a plate, cut and serve.

    Cheese cakes

    If you are an adherent of vegetarian cuisine, or there is no meat at home, you can use the following recipe. You will need:

    • tortillas - 2 pcs .;
    • cheese - 80 g;
    • Feta - 50 g;
    • cream 30% - 25 ml;
    • vegetable oil.

    Cooking method:

    1. Hard cheese grate. We spread it on one tortilla and evenly distribute.
    2. Fetu mix with cream to obtain a homogeneous mass. Lubricate it with the second piece.
    3. Glue the cheese sides to each other.
    4. Fry each side in turn until golden brown.
    5. Cut into 4 parts and serve to the table with sour cream or sauce.

    With mushrooms

    To cook a Mexican dish with mushrooms, you will need:

    • Korzhiki - 4-8 pieces;
    • hard cheese - 250 g;
    • tomatoes - 2 pcs .;
    • champignons - 300 g;
    • garlic - 1-2 cloves;
    • green onions - 4 pcs .;
    • olive oil - 1 tbsp
    • salt, pepper - to taste.


    1. Preheat the frying pan, add oil. Fry the mushrooms with garlic.
    2. Add tomatoes, salt, pepper.
    3. Simmer for 3 minutes, then put in a plate.
    4. Take flat cakes, put stuffing on half of each, sprinkle with cheese and greens. Cover with the second half.
    5. Put in a frying pan, fry on both sides.
    6. After a couple of minutes, remove from heat, cut into pieces.
    7. Serve with sauce or vegetable salad.

    Guacamole sauce

    Mexican food can be served with sour cream or with various sauces. One of the most famous is guacamole sauce.

    To make it, take 1 ripe avocado, a few tomatoes, 5 g of red chili peppers, garlic, herbs and salt. Mix all this in a blender and add salt to taste. You can even mash with a fork without using a kitchen appliance.

    Now you know how to cook a Mexican quesadilla tasty and surprise your relatives with an unusual dish. Experiment with fillings, put more cheese and do not limit your imagination!

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