How to teleport (in minecraft)

How to teleport (in minecraft)? Teleportation is a phenomenon in which an object is transferred from one place to another in a very short period of time (almost instantly). Many games provide this opportunity to their players. In this article, you will learn how.

Secrets of cooking herring salad under a fur coat

Secrets of cooking salad “herring under a fur coat” A herring under a fur coat is one of those New Year salads, which has long been attributed to the list of "traditional" among the hostesses in the entire post-Soviet space. The taste of this.

How to set a password on the router

How to set a password on the router? Svetlana July 22, 2014 The router is a convenient device that allows you to provide all the computers in the house with the Internet at once, and with the support of WiFi, also all mobile equipment.

10 interesting and memorable bars in the world

10 interesting and memorable bars in the world There are bars in all countries of the world, but some of them are not just places to drink and eat. Find out which places will surprise visitors. Top 10 of the most interesting and unusually.

How to get rid of oily hair

How to get rid of oily hair? Hair is one of the most powerful secret weapons of any woman. But, unfortunately, the locks are far from ideal for everyone. And what if hair is greasy? Is there any way to deal with this? What.

Pattern of knitted items. Underwater life

Crocheted elements “Underwater life” Bright knitted composition on the marine theme. This picture will give a charge of positive, sunny mood and fill each of us’s life with the atmosphere of summer. Now the memories of the sea and the beach will pop up.

Crocodile crafts for kindergarten

Crocodile craft for kindergarten Funny crocodile out of clothespins! Crafts from junk material are often made in kindergarten. They do not require constant direct participation of an adult, so several babies can be involved in the work simultaneously. At the same time, the result.

How to install the game on your Nokia mobile phone

How to install the game on your Nokia mobile phone Instruction Ask for help from your friends. If theirphones�belong to the same model line as yours, ask to transfer games to you using a wireless Bluetooth connection, or an infrared port. Please note thatthe.

What to make from beads

What to make from beads? Products from beads are known since the times of ancient Egypt. The word comes from the Arabic "busra", which means beads with holes. In Russia, beads appeared thanks to MV Lomonosov, who founded its production in 1752. Beads received.

Where in Moscow to make permanent makeup quality

Where in Moscow to make a permanent makeup quality? To look beautiful, natural and expressive always and everywhere is quite real. Just imagine: you will not have to spend your morning time on makeup, painting after a shower, fearing that the ink will flow.

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