How to play tam-tame

How to play tam-tame? Watch the video How to play tam-tame? Many people love ethnic music, where you can often hear the rhythmic sound of drums and the rolling sounds of the gong. Fascinating rhythms of Asia and Africa do not leave Europeans indifferent.

How to care for gold

How to care for gold? Oksana Logunova March 28, 2013 Gold is one of the first metals to be discovered by man. In appearance, it has a sunny color that warms and uplifts your mood. Gold is a precious material that is very popular.

Construction control

Construction control I plan to begin construction of a country house in the suburbs. Since I have neither the time, nor the sufficient competence, nor the desire to study the subtleties of construction, help me find a person who will fully control the construction.

Why beat on the pope

Why beat on the pope? The topic of why they are beating the pope, and whether it is possible to beat the pope rises often enough. First of all, it interests young parents. Every parent at least once gave the child a pope, and.

How does beer affect

How does beer affect? Recently, more and more people are starting to use such a drink as beer. Meanwhile, it is not so harmless as it may seem at first glance, and especially when used in large quantities. Therefore, it will be useful for.

Sewing felt flowers

Sewing felt flowers We sew felt flowers- a master class, we sew simple and, at the same time, beautiful felt flowers, with which you can decorate a gift, suitable for creating bouquets and so on. The master class is simple and suitable for beginners.

What is Miro

What is peace? Elena Melnichenko January 26, 2015 The word "Miro" was used in Old Slavonic and Ancient Greek and meant aromatic oil. But what is peace and how to prepare it, we will look into our article. Miró is a fragrant oil that.

Which store to open

Which store to open? Trading is one of the most common types of business. However, it’s not so easy to decide which store to open. This article will be devoted to reflections on this topic. Selection options For a start it is worth noting.

How to make a bench

How to make a bench? If you want to seriously engage in sports and develop muscles, it is not necessary to go to the nearest gym for this - you can also equip a room in your own apartment. Of course, this will require.

How to get calcium

How to get calcium? Elena Minkina August 13, 2012 Calcium is a typical alkaline earth metal with pronounced metallic properties. That is why many chemical tasks are built on the methods of its preparation, as well as chemical properties. How to get calcium Metallic.

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