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    ��I�ve been driving for almost 3 months, and I got my license recently, 1.5 months ago. In general, I scratched the rear bumper on the right side of a wooden fence. Dents and cracks there, scratches somewhere in the 20 cm. Now here I think what to do with them? The husband has not yet seen what happened to the bumper. Can paint spray and then varnish open? Can I correct this situation at home?
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    �If there are no cracks on the bumpers, then you can get by with just painting. But do not try to paint with spray cans or varnish, you will not succeed, there will be divorces. You can only help professional painting cars, in Moscow it can be done here But her husband, after all, will have to admit. Since he himself quickly notice. Let it be better out of your mouth.
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    If money is not a question, then of course you need to paint. Just do not save, and contact the proven experts that would not have to redo. Moscow does not believe in tears =)
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    I, too, by the way, for the first couple of hundred kilometers behind the wheel 3 times scratched the bumper. And even parking sensors did not save, and I go with peeling paint. I think I will paint before the sale, which I advise you to do.

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