• Pansy Flower

    Massive jewelery has always isolated creative and courageous people from the crowd, and now they have become completely “must have” in the fashion world. Today, the larger and more noticeable the ring, the more emphasized the sense of style and following fashion trends, the more the attention of others is riveted. Massive rings for several seasons in a row flashed on world catwalks. And if such a ring is also made in the form of a flower, which is very important for the spring and summer period, it will further emphasize the impeccable taste of its owner. Today we will try to make such a fashionable decoration with our own hands. We will perform the modeling of the flower of the pansy with the subsequent connection to the ring-base.  Pansy eyes
     Pansy eyes For the hand-making of such a remarkable decoration to us the following materials and tools will be needed:
    • four small blocks of polymer clay - white, black, yellow and purple;
    • office knife
    • t gun,filled with glue stick;
    • base for a silver ring.
    materials and tools

    We separate about two-thirds of the material from the purple block, knead and roll out a sausage with a diameter of 5 mm. The violet clay used in this case contains blotches of purple spangles, which will further add additional charm to the decoration.
    From a small piece of black clay we make a strip with a length equal to the length of the finished sausage. We superimpose the resulting element on top of the purple blank.
     impose a piece of black clay
    Squeeze the workpiece as far as possible and cut it into elements of 4 mm width.
    cut into sticks
    Press the resulting elements together.
     Pressing m obtained elements
    Cut the resulting workpiece across and mirror the resulting parts. We roll out white and purple sausages so that the white blank is about one and a half times longer than purple.
     We roll out the white and purple sausages

    Cut the sausages into identical segments-4 purple, 6 white. From the obtained pieces we will perform a smooth color transition, so for convenience we place them into working piles, as shown in the figure.
     we cut
    We mix colors - we leave one purple segment intact, the second mix and knead well with one white piece, the third with two white pieces, etc.
    Received color elements of shackled and superimposed on top of the previously made striped billet, giving it a petal shape.
    form petal
    We press and stretch the billet, making it more like a flower petal.
    form petal
    Cut off the excess material from the sides. In the future, we still need it.
    form petal
    Our billet is still very thick, use this and cut it across.
     form the petal
    We continue to form the shape of a petal, crushing and stretching one of the obtained elements, until we get a beautiful petal with a gradient.
     form Let the petal
    We make the second petal as close as possible to the first, and then proceed to making a double lower petal according to the principle similar to that of the previous floral elements. We make a blank of yellow sausage and two clay strips - black and white.
     sausages made of clay
    Press the harvesting and cut into segments.
    we cut Pressing. We cut across and mirror connect.
    form petal
    We form the heart shape and fill the void between the sides of the white clay.
    forming the petal
    We knead the previously cut clay until we get a monophonic material. Parallel to the kneading and spread on the working lobe strip of white material. From above we place a light purple strip of clay.  form the petal
     flower of a pansy
    We model from the remaining material two simple light-violet petals.  pansy flower We connect the received elements and additionally fasten them in the middle with a ball of yellow clay.  Pansy Flower Bake the product according to the instructions attached to the polymer clay. Give the flower to cool and glue it to the ring-based with a hot glue gun. The unique ring" Pansy "is ready!
    make a ring

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