• Peony from the plastic suede

    Such a hairpin will serve for a long time and bring joy. Because this material is not afraid of water, does not fade and does not crumple.
    Peony from foamiran
    For work we will need: - Suede of three colors - pink, a little purple and green. - scissors. - clip for hair. - glue gun. - a piece of foil. Prepare patterns for our peony. For a flower you need 20 pieces of small petals, 15 pieces of medium size petals and 9 pieces of the largest. Two carved leaves and 1 substrate flower. Even for the middle of the pion you need a circle with a diameter of 5 cm and a strip for the stamens.
     Cutting all the details
    Cutting all the details by templates. Cut out the pink material medium and large petals for peony, as well as a circle for the middle of the flower. From the violet canvas we cut out small petals. And the leaves and the substrate will be green. The stamens are made of brown fabric.
     Prepare templates
    We take green blanks and hold them for a while, giving them the opportunity to warm up, and give them the necessary shape, because this kind of suede is subject only to heat. Bend the leaves along the length of the accordion and begin to twist hands, clamping the workpiece between the palms. When hands are rubbed, heat is released and the material will begin to memorize the new form.
    Now we will slightly straighten the leaves, and the cooled suede will repeat the created bend lines.
    spread the leaves
    In the same way, we twist the edges of large petals with our fingers.
     twisting fingers
     we twist our fingers
    We also make bends on medium and small petals. Giving them a shape like fresh flowers.
     Giving them shape
     Giving them shape
    So, all the petals are with us ready.
    all petals
    Getting to the middle of a pion. Take the foil and twist it into a ball. Then we press the workpiece to the table, to obtain a hemisphere. In diameter, it should reach 2.5 cm and height 1.5 cm. This will be the base of the future flower.
    This pastel is pasted with a prepared circle of pink color.
    Now we need stamens and we use a brown strip 8.5 cm long and 2.5 cm wide. On it, along the length we make frequent cuts, leaving 0.5 cm to the edge of the billet intact . Then we fold this detail upwards, and twisting it into a tube, we warm it in the palms like other blanks. Straighten strip and get interesting stamens.
    Let's Get Ready
    Begin the assembly of the peony. To the middle-base on the bottom edge we fix the stamens with a glue gun.  Starting the assembly of a pion
    Over the stamens we fix the first row of small purple petals.We attach them along the bottom of the base, placing the details side by side.
     Starting the assembly of a pion
    In the second row, we fix the remaining small petals, staggered.
     Starting the assembly of the pion
    Starting to glue the petals of medium size pink. We fix the first row without overlapping each other. The main thing is to stick to the same location along the edge of the base.
     We begin the assembly of the pion
    In the second row we place the petals one on top of the other, sticking in a checkerboard pattern.
    Starting the assembly of the pion
    There are large petals of pink color. We fix them on an inverted base. It turns out that the flower lies face down. The first 3 petals are glued to the middle of the base close to each other, closing the bottom of the flower.
    We start the assembly of the pion
    We attach the remaining petals to each other in a checkerboard pattern.The flower is ready.
    On the underside of the flower we fix green leaves. One is directed to one side, the second sheet to another.
    Closing the base of the leaves and the place of binding to the flower, glue the green backing. Attach the clip to the attached part.
    Our decoration is ready. Good luck to all.

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