• Pevzner Diet

    Usually, speaking of diets, we immediately imagine a young or not so young woman who is restricting herself in nutrition with might and main, for example, in order to put a favorite dress on a date or a new trendy swimsuit on the beach and, of course, show off her perfect figure. But there are other, so-called, therapeutic diets. Their essence is about the same - some restriction in food and nutrition according to certain rules. But the goal is slightly different: not losing weight, but healing and preventing the development in a person of those or other existing diseases.

    Today it is not a secret to anyone that many chronic diseases are exacerbated precisely because of eating disorders. For example, when eating salty foods, a person suffering from hypertension may increase blood pressure, and excessive consumption of fried foods, alcohol, and some fatty foods may, for example, exacerbate pancreatitis. To normalize the work of those or other organs, it is precisely the Pevzner’s diet that is intended. By the way, it is so effective that for almost a hundred years they have been used in practice in medical and preventive treatment facilities.

    Sometimes these diets are also called medicinal or diets tables according to Pevzner. A total of 15, each of which is focused on a particular disease. The most common diets are №1 and №5.

    “Diet №1” or Pevsner’s Diet 1 (basic) is prescribed for:

    • gastric ulcer;
    • acute gastritis during recovery;
    • after stomach surgery in the recovery phase;
    • chronic gastritis in the phase of subsiding exacerbation.

    Permitted foods and dishes:

    • milk soups from grated groats, as well as soups from grated vegetables;
    • yesterday's wheat bread, dry biscuits, sponge cake;
    • meat of fish or poultry, steamed or boiled;
    • milk, kefir, cream, cottage cheese;
    • vegetables: carrots, beets, potatoes, cauliflower;
    • grits: oatmeal, buckwheat, semolina, rice;
    • weak tea, you can add a little milk;
    • rosehip infusion, sweet berries and fruits jelly;
    • sweet berries and fruits in baked or boiled form, if you prefer to eat fresh, it is better to rub them.

    We exclude from the diet fresh bread and products from sweet dough; dairy products of high acidity; fatty meats; canned food; carbonated drinks, coffee, kvass; corn, barley and pearl barley, as well as pickled and salted vegetables and mushrooms. The amount of salt is reduced to 8 gr.

    Pevzner's Diet 1 is aimed at ensuring the protection of the stomach from various influences, including, for example, mechanical or thermal. Therefore, all hardly digestible products that irritate the gastric mucosa are excluded from the diet. It is necessary to eat 5-6 times a day in small portions, chewing thoroughly. Also try not to eat too hot or too cold food.

    "Diet number 5" or diet 5 "by Pevzner

    Pevzner's diet 5 is prescribed to people with chronic diseases of the liver, gallbladder and biliary tract. The purpose of the diet is to make the disease recede. Usually, she is appointed by a specialist, but often patients themselves begin to adhere to it, if they know their diagnosis for sure.

    In general, Pevsner's diet is similar to treatment table number 1. The rules of nutrition are the same: eat up to 6 times a day, in small portions, chewing thoroughly.

    In the diet include:

    • boiled or steamed lean meat of beef, poultry chicken), as well as fish (cod, saffron);
    • vegetable soups with cereals, as well as milk soup;
    • curd dishes (casserole, dumplings) or cottage cheese (no more than 200 gr. per day);
    • milk, non-acidic kefir;
    • yesterday's bread, dry biscuits, dry biscuit;
    • boiled egg (1 piece per day);
    • sweet fruits and berries in any form;
    • but jam, honey, sugar and other sweets in limited quantities (no more than 70 grams per day);

    Fully exclude:

    • all fried, spicy, smoked;
    • alcohol;
    • fatty meats;
    • beans, garlic, turnip, radish, radish;
    • carbonated drinks, ice cream, chocolate;
    • salt - no more than 10 grams. in a day.

    Proper adherence to the Pevzner diet will help to reduce the exacerbation of the disease, bring the state of the digestive organs back to normal, and also achieve a state of stable remission or simply the disappearance of the symptoms of the disease. The most important thing is not to give yourself up the slack and not to allow eating prohibited foods, because they are the ones who put a strain on the liver, and if it is already unhealthy, then the bile-excreting pathways also suffer.

    Of course, at first glance it may seem that the menu is very meager and boring. But if there is a desire, then compliance with such diets - medical tables by Pevzner can be turned into a fascinating process of finding new dishes. For example, the soup "The secret of youth" - the name itself already attracts attention, not to mention the fact that it is simply very tasty. To make it you will need:

    • Strawberry -150 gr;
    • Oatmeal flakes - 1 cup;
    • Milk - 1 liter;
    • Sugar - 1 tbsp.

    Pour the milk into the pan, put it on the stove, pour out the oatmeal and bring to a boil. At this time, wash the strawberries. Then add sugar, strawberries, salt and mix. Bring soup to a boil and turn it off. For 10 minutes soup insist, and then served to the table. You can eat it both hot and cold. (But we remember that with our diet the best thing is something in between!). Besides the fact that this soup is very tasty, the time for cooking also leaves nothing at all. And how many more such uncomplicated dishes are there in the world? Unleash the imagination and your culinary preferences, and then even your seemingly modest diet will taste mouth-watering flavors.

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