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We are almost halfway through March, but the sun still fights with the clouds. Officially spring or not, we are so ready to invite the hottest hair trend of the season. Fruit juice hair is the newest hair color trend you won’t be able to resist. Name all your favorite soft spring colors and there you have it: fruit juice hair! Thirsty, anyone? In the sea of Instagram-only trends, it’s a real blast when something wearable and easy to pull off comes out. Last year, the millennial pink was the hottest spring hair color. The good news is that you can still have a hint of that pastel pink universally flattering color if you decide to test drive the fruit juice hair.

Fruit Juice is The Hottest Spring Hair Color Trend peach and pink highlights

This hair trend is the most delicate blend of peach, strawberry, and grape shades all mixed together to perfection. How cool is to go and ask your hairdresser to dye your hair in the colors of your favorite fruit juice? All you have to do is choose your most loved juice flavors and get creative. This hair trend, first spotted by Marie Claire, features a mix of colors, both pastel and vibrant which makes things even more exciting. All the credit for this beautiful fruity blend goes to Alisha McAlister. The hairstylist got inspired by a client who asked for “something different”. She shared the look on her Instagram account and it went viral. After all, who can overlook this magnificent blend when it pops on the feed?

Fruit Juice is The Hottest Spring Hair Color Trend peach hair color with highlights

The fruit juice hair trend includes a lot of highlights in different colors which leaves you space to get creative with it. You can go to your hairstylist and come up with your own creation of this hair color. Anyway, in case you want to copy the exact look, Alisha McAlister selflessly shared the formula:

“Pops of Ignite Violet and Red and then I honestly toned the whole thing with Manic Panic Pro Pastel-izer, 3 grams of Divine Wine, and 6 grams of Smokescreen,” she captioned her Instagram post.

Fruit Juice is The Hottest Spring Hair Color Trend brown red hair color with highlights

The official start of spring 2019 is less than 2 weeks away, which means you still have time to call your hairdresser and make an appointment. Instead of getting your go-to spring highlights, try something fun like this fruit juice hair trend. This color blend is mostly on the pastel side which makes it universally flattering. You just got another excuse to treat yourself to a fresh fruity dye job.

Video: Philipp Plein | Fall Winter 2018/2019 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

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