• Phone for Skype from a broken cellphone

    Now, probably everyone has a broken cell phone at home. What to do with it - it's a pity to throw it away, take it to the radio market anyway what to throw it out, in the best case it will give 10 dollars to it, let's give it a second life and turn it into a Skype (or any other IP telephony) phone.
    To work we need:
    1. Broken mobile phone
    2. Wires from a scientist or a microphone (you can get the cheapest Chinese)
    3. Hands, tools, soldering iron, free time, preferably electrical engineering skills  
    Allmodelsareanalyzedindifferentways,itisdifficultformetotellyouapoemWefindthespeakerinthephone,wefinditsconclusionsandwewillfastthewirethatwillbeconnectedtotheoutputofasoundcard.Preferredsolderdirectlytothespeaker(sothatthespeakerisnotconnectedtothephoneboard) Dothesamewiththemicrophone.Aftereverythingissoldered,youcanconnectthephonetoacomputerandcheckthatourdesignworks. After everything works, we take the wires out of the case and assemble the phone. Holes for wires in the plastic case of a mobile phone can be made a heated soldering iron tip.

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