• Plastic bottle bird feeders

    Winter is a difficult time for birds. They can find shelter from snowfall and frost, but it is more difficult to find food, especially if the snowdrifts are high. Therefore, you need to help the feathered! And the easiest way is to hang the feeders. Children in the gardens and schools always take care of the birds, and the feeders that the teachers and teachers make are simply amazing. Today you will learn how to turn an ordinary plastic bottle into a fun bird-dining room. Option 1. simple option. It is necessary to take a large container and cut off the opposite walls. It turns out the bottom with a roof. The top of the bottle is decorated with fir branches and a cone.
     Feeder for birds
    Option 2. Prepare the base, as for the first feeder: just cut holes on opposite sides of the container. Then around the perimeter you stick a flax rope using liquid nails.The roof of the house is decorated with disposable plastic spoons. Rowan berries are an extra highlight of this feeder.  Feeders for birds
    Option 3. Need a five-liter plastic bottle again. This time the hole is cut only on one wall. Through the whole bottle you stretch a small wooden stick so that the birds can sit on the perch. Then you paste over all the remaining plastic with a gray cloth. You decorate the roof with a brush for whitewashing from natural nap. Decoration is an artificial figure.  Feeders for birds Option 4. Two-liter containers are used for this feeder. You make one hole, glue the plastic with a linen thread and form the roof in the same way as in the previous version, from a whitewashing brush. Decorate the trough with artificial leaves and flowers.
     Feeders for birds
    Option 5. This trough needs a large bottle. You make one hole, insert a wooden stick in the middle. Decorate the plastic surface with a thin brown cloth.Glue natural material: fir branches, acorns, cones. Such a feeder will look great on any coniferous tree.
     Feeders for birds
    Option 6. Again, in a five-liter bottle, cut one hole. You cover the rest of the space with a wide bundle, select the area of ​​the window. The roof is just a work of art. It also has dry panicles of lake grass, ornamental berries and flowers, ribbons with beautiful ornamentation, oak leaves and twigs of thuja. Such a trough is a real masterpiece of needlework.  Feeders for birds See, choose, connect fantasy and master the same original bird feeders.

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