• Polendvitsa - original and very tasty dish

    Fans of savory meat dishes will surely appreciate such an unusual, but long-known, appetizer as a half-sweet.

    What is this dish?

    Polendvitsa is a national dish of Polish, Western-Ukrainian and Belarusian cuisines, representing salted or dried fillet of carcass. Such a snack can be made from horse meat, pork or beef.

    The name comes from the Polish or Belarusian word, which literally translates as "loin". Since ancient times, the fillet was separated from the fourth part of the carcass, moving forward from the femur so that the muscles are not damaged. The most common methods of preparation are salting, curing and smoking, but also half-sugar can be used raw, that is, only dried.

    Usually, in the fall, fillet pieces were kept right in the blood almost immediately after slaughter, then they fought back until softened, salted and seasoned, and then they would be dried in tarred and specially prepared boxes until the spring in cool rooms.In March, the polendvits were removed from the containers, placed in ox-guts and smoked.

    Preparation of the Pollentia

    How to make poland at home? We suggest to consider interesting variants.

    Option number 1

    To get a delicious dried sunflower, you need to prepare the following products:

    • 1 kg of pork meat (oblong muscle part, cut from the hip along the back);
    • 3-5 Art. l. salt (according to taste, depending on your preferences);
    • garlic head;
    • three bay leaves;
    • 1 tsp coriander;
    • two tsp. cumin;
    • half acres. a mixture of peppers or some one ground pepper;
    • hl grains of mustard (powder or finished liquid does not fit).


    1. First you need to salve the meat. To do this, first wash it and dry it well, then rub it all over with salt, place in a suitable container, cover, place under the pressure (optional) and leave for three days in a cool place or about 1.5 days in a warm place.
    2. Now prepare a mixture of garlic, seasonings and a small amount of the remaining salt. All the ingredients are well crushed to produce a powder.
    3. Salted loin is actively mash the prepared mixture of seasonings from all sides, as if rubbing them into the fibers of meat.
    4. Now put poland dandrub with gauze, then pull it tight with a strong thread or thin string. You should have some kind of cocoon.
    5. Hang the wrapped fillets in a dry place and leave for five to seven days. Then unwind the pendente, cut and serve to the table.

    Option Two

    This recipe will allow you to cook savory pondvitsu. Prepare these components:

    • 1.5 kg of sirloin of beef or pork;
    • half a glass of salt;
    • the fourth or fifth cup of sugar;
    • five cloves of garlic;
    • two tsp. paprika;
    • hl marjoram.


    1. After washing and drying, rub the meat well with salt (take not all, but about half or a little more) and sugar from all sides, put in some container, cover and leave for a few days to make salted.
    2. Then remove the meat, drain the juice, and wipe the piece with a napkin or towel.
    3. Then chop the garlic in any way and mix it with salt, as well as paprika and marjoram. With this fragrant and bright mixture, carefully rub the meat, then wrap it tightly with gauze and thread.
    4. Leave a poland in a well-ventilated, dry, but not very cold room for about a week, then turn it around. Outside, you will see a dry crust, but inside the polendvitsa will be bright and quite juicy, albeit dense.


    A few tips for hostess:

    1. The drying period can be extended, and then you will get more salty and dense meat, which some people like more. And to make a snack is not very solid and salty, soak it for three or four days.
    2. For cooking, if desired, you can use other parts of the carcass, including the pulp. But it is the muscle fibers that make it possible for the granendae to acquire a characteristic structure after preparation. Soft parts can turn out excessively dry, salty and hard.
    3. Use your favorite condiments such as turmeric, curry, juniper berries, cloves, marjoram, and so on. But do not mix a lot of spices and use them in large quantities, as the taste of meat should be felt, and not drown out with additives.
    4. You can use the brine preparation method. To do this, prepare a saline solution (half a cup into two glasses of water) and immerse the meat in it for a day or two.

    If you are interested in such a dish as a half-egg, then be sure to try to cook it, because it’s not at all difficult!

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