• Power bank with a flashlight

    Power bank with a flashlight
    We often get into situations when the battery of our device (tablet, smartphone, portable speaker, etc.) sits down and besides we are far from the power grid . In this case, we can help power bank, but not everyone can afford expensive devices. I will tell you how you can easily and simply make it, and also it will have a powerful enough flashlight and a small flashlight for small backlighting. The advantages of this device:
    • Ease of manufacture.
    • Cheap components.
    • Reliability .
    • Compactness.
    • Power.
    For manufacturing you will need: (Active links to the store) Power bank with a flashlightPower bank with a flashlight
    Brief explanation: The charge board will provide protection from strong discharge and overcharge of the battery. Without a voltage converter, the phone will not charge. If you do not include resistors in the circuit, then the LEDs just simply overheat and burn (It is better to take a high-power resistor so that it does not overheat).The number of white LEDs can vary or in general they can not be included in the project. You can also neglect the green and red LEDs, they only serve to more conveniently indicate the charge. When choosing a battery, try to find one whose capacity will be more than the capacity of your phone's battery, so it can be charged up to 100%, but of course, do not forget about the resistance, so you should choose a battery with a capacity of about 10-20 percent more. The manufacturing process: First we need to determine the location of the switches, LEDs. On the case we mark their locations. We carefully make all the necessary holes with a drill and We solder all the components according to the scheme (first determine the rational length of the wires, so that everything fits into the case and nothing hinders anything). Here everything is simple on the boards already have the identification of contacts (+ and -), white LEDs are soldered in parallel and connected through a resistor. Power bank with a flashlight We put all the elements in place,for reliability, you can glue everything.
    Power bank with a flashlight
    PS: All components can be bought in online stores, so they will come out much cheaper. And if you make the assembly of several batteries, make sure that their voltages (V) are the same. At different values, the voltage will level out and when connected to the charging modules, a high current will flow, which can cause the board to burn. There are also more advanced models of charge modules (2 in
    Power bank with a flashlight
    As a result, we have small dimensions and average power, of course, you can increase it by selecting other modules. a discharged battery will light a red LED.

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