• Preparing for the USE in physics

    Preparing for the USE in physicsFuture graduates of schools, lyceums and gymnasiums think about where to enter and for which disciplines to take the EGE. Practically in all technical colleges it is required to pass the EGE in physics and this is a difficult test that not every graduate can pass, because physics is an exact science and its study requires fundamental knowledge of theory and practice, starting with the material of grade 6. Since physics includes a sufficiently large number of topics that are sometimes not related to each other, preparation for the exam in physics should begin long before the exam.

    The main topics, the material of which is necessary to know about the EGE on physics: mechanics, molecular physics, thermodynamics, electrostatics, magnetism, the theory of relativity, optics and quantum physics. But do not forget that the assessment takes into account not only the knowledge of the theoretical part, but also the ability to solve problems.

    The structure of the exam in physics

    In 2015, the structure of tasks in physics was changed. Now the variant consists of two parts and the total number of theoretical tasks, without taking into account calculated tasks, is 32 questions.Also, when preparing for the exam in physics, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the numbering of the tasks has been changed: now it is pass-through, without dividing into groups A, B and C. According to statistics of past years, many people examined in physics did not have time to pass the exam in the allotted time the solution of the tasks of group C, so in 2015 the time for passing the exam in physics was increased to 235 minutes.

    The minimum number of points is 0-36, and the maximum is from 68.

    Preparing for the USE in physics

    Exam in physics. How to prepare

    If the knowledge of physics is not good enough, then you should enroll in preparatory courses or attend classes of a private tutor. After all, there are materials and tasks that require the teacher's explanation. The studied material should be repeated and fixed independently. To prepare and successfully pass the exam, textbooks and reference books will be needed, as well as workbooks. Preparation for the Unified State Exam should start with a preliminary assessment of their knowledge of physics - pass the demonstration tests and solve the problems that can be found here. After that it is recommended to make a detailed training plan.

    Work with theory

    For the exam in physics is to prepare for each topic separately.Write special terms, basic formulas and brief explanations to them in a special notebook. All this must not just memorize, but also understand the meaning of the physical quantities of each section. After studying all the material, it is necessary to work out the examination tests, in which there are more complex tasks, for example, assignments on the Unified State Exam of past years, which can be found here.

    Preparing for the USE in physics

    Problem solving

    Success in solving problems on the USE can only be achieved if they are regularly worked out. Use a variety of supporting material: manuals, textbooks, collections of tasks. When working on problems in physics, the main thing is to understand the algorithm for solving them. In each section of physics, the solution of problems is carried out according to a certain algorithm and is evaluated differently. At the Unified State Exam in Physics, the main control of the graduate’s knowledge is a correctly solved problem of various levels of complexity. The solution must be complete and optimal, showing the level of knowledge and ability to apply the laws of physics. The values ​​in each formula should be briefly explained.

    Preparing for the USE in physics

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