• Prince Harry forbids Megan Markle to wear tuxedos

    “Megan is always being asked to stop dressing like a Hollywood star and learn to look like a member of the royal family,” says a source. “The queen wants to see her in dresses and skirts, so Harry asked her husband not to take a tuxedo for a trip, calling it“ not traditional enough. ”

    Publication from Kensington Palace (@kensingtonroyal)1 Feb 2018 at 3:19 PST

    Megan loves tuxedos and already wore a trouser suit at the Endeavor Fund Awards' Ceremony award ceremony in London in February. Tuxedos could also be found in the wardrobe of Princess Diana, Prince Harry's mother, who also felt comfortable in them at the ceremonial events.

    I wonder if Megan Harry will obey or will he show character and continue to violate royal traditions? We'll see in the fall. In the meantime, Queen Elizabeth II wants to influence another decision of the couple: last weekend she presented the newlyweds with a mansion in Windsor - Adelaide Cottage, which previously belonged to Colonel of the Royal Air Force Peter Townsend.It is there that Megan and Harry will move out of the modest cottage of Nottingham, where they "huddled" until recently.

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