• Prince Harry will not give Megan Markle family heirloom engagement

    Megan Markle moved to London, and everyone only says about the imminent royal wedding. Just before the Kensington Palace announces the long-awaited engagement, Prince Harry must ... find the ring. And according to experts, the fifth heir in the queue for the throne should not even expect that he will get one of the family relics. But do not worry about the groom: Leslie Field, who wrote the book "Queen's Jewels", is sure that the prince will easily find a way out. “Harry will not go the traditional way, but will choose for the bride a modern decoration, one of a kind. I can say with confidence that the ring will not have a sapphire, like that of the jewelry masterpiece, which now belongs to the Duchess Catherine. "

    Megan Markle gently loves Cartier (she repeatedly got into the lenses of the paparazzi with a watch and a bracelet of this particular jewelry brand), as well as partial to the works of lesser-known brands such as Missoma or Maya Brenner,which create very personal gold jewelery. “Harry will be guided by Megan’s taste,” says designer Annushka Doukas. “She will not be happy with massive colored stones, but I think I should appreciate something simple and elegant — a ring with a diamond in the form of a princess cut of gold or platinum.”

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    If so, it can be assumed that the noble metal for the engagement ring will be taken from the Clogau St David mine in Wales - the forges of jewelry for many generations of brides of noble blood since Queen Elizabeth's mother laid the foundation for this tradition in 1923. As for the design, all experts agree that it will be symbolic, like all lovers, who, like Harry and Megan, plan to live the rest of their lives together.

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