• Pros and cons of semi-permanent dyes

    If you dye your hair, then you are probably worried about their condition. Most resistant paints have an aggressive effect on curls and change their structure is not for the better. But cosmetology is actively developing, and practically harmless semi-permanent dyes are available to the modern fair sex.

    Features semi-permanent dyes

    What are semi-permanent dyes? They appeared relatively recently, but have already become popular, since they differ significantly from the more usual permanent ones and surpass them in many respects. But how do such paints work? They are also based on special carbohydrates.

    But the main difference is the absence of pure ammonia, which is replaced by more sparing salt derivatives of this substance. This allows you to work with a minimum amount of hydrogen peroxide and reduce the level of acidity compared with permanent means,which causes a more gentle effect on the hair.

    The composition of semi-permanent dyes includes molecules of two types: tonic and oxidizing. The latter have minimal dimensions and penetrate the hair shaft, while the former are of medium size and settle in the cuticle, giving a new shade.

    Thus, these microscopic particles literally integrate into the natural structure of the hair (but do not violate it!) And force out natural pigments, retaining hydrogen bonds. And semi-permanent, that is, in other words semi-resistant, the considered dyes are called because with each wash the pigments are replaced by water molecules, and the color gradually weakens.

    Modern semi-permanent dyes are becoming more and more popular and are added not only to hair dyes, but also to ultra-resistant specialized mascaras, as well as to tinting eyebrows. This allows you to make persistent not only the hair color, but also everyday make-up.

    When is it appropriate to use such dyes?

    Who will suit the tool based on semi-permanent dyes? All those who want to enhance and make their natural color more vivid or deep, or change the shade to darken.Such paints are not suitable for full lightening, although some cosmetic companies have achieved a one-and-a-half color change. But if you are a brunette, then you will have to use permanent dyes to turn into a blonde.

    In addition, semi-permanent means are not able to completely paint over gray hair: they only retouch it by 60-70% and are used if the proportion of gray hair in the total volume does not exceed 45-50%. In this case, you get the effect of toning with the presence of soft tints and looking naturally barely noticeable bright patches.

    Tip: if you want to learn how to use semi-permanent tool, then carefully read the instructions attached to it. If something is not clear to you, contact a specialist for help or go to a hairdresser or beauty salon to avoid mistakes and get exactly the desired result.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    Semi-permanent dyes differ from permanent and have several indisputable advantages:

    • More gentle and mild effect on the hair, due to the reduced level of acidity and the minimum amount of oxidizing components. Curls after the procedure of staining remain almost the same and do not change their natural properties.
    • You get the opportunity to enhance your natural color and make it brighter or change the shade to darken. In addition, you can extend the result of applying permanent paint and fix the tone. It is more harmless and safe than frequent staining with ammonia.
    • The dye will be washed off gradually and gently, which will make the difference between the roots and growing hair almost imperceptible. Curls will look well-groomed, natural and beautiful.
    • Such tools are suitable for color correction, for example, if it turned out too light or has an unattractive yellowness.
    • Semi-permanent dyes are much less likely to cause unwanted skin allergic reactions and chemical burns, as there are no aggressive components in the composition.

    Disadvantages are also available:

    • Such tools are less resistant than permanent. The color is almost completely washed out after about five or six procedures for washing the head. But some modern colors hold up to two or three months.
    • Substances still penetrate into the structure, although gentle intervention and does not violate the structure of the rods and cuticle.And yet, even after washing it will not be possible to completely return to the original natural color. In addition, the remaining molecules in the hair can react with the components of resistant dyes that will be used later.
    • Semi-resistant coloring agents will not lighten the curls by more than one and a half tones.
    • Such dyes can not completely paint over and mask the gray hair, especially if it is very noticeable.
    • If the hair has a porous structure, then they can color unevenly.

    If you are interested in semi-permanent dyes, then try to evaluate them in action!

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