• Purebred domestic cat

    Most of all cats living in people's homes and apartments are ordinary mongrel cats. Of course, an affordable price and simplicity in the content play an important role, but, one must admit that they deliver pleasures to their masters just as much as their titled kinsmen. Most people start a cat in order to have a good-natured cute animal in the house, they are not at all interested in pedigree and breed standards. A cat is loved simply because it exists and it does not matter if it was just a homeless, shabby kitten. Mongrel cats are no less beautiful and funny than their pedigree brethren.



    Character mongrel cats



    They are distinguished by a huge variety of colors, types of appearance and characters. It is believed that northern cats are more stocky and heavy, their color is darker, and the undercoat is thicker, while their southern counterparts are light, elegant, almost without a sub-collar and have lighter tones. The most common colors of simple cats: striped, various shades, striped in combination with white, black, black with white, red. Often there are three-haired cats.Mongrel cats, most of them short-haired, although there are also long-haired specimens.


    Today, we can not discount this numerous category of pets. Many people prefer only ordinary domestic cats and care for them a little less than the owners of pedigreed animals for their notable pets. An ordinary cat can be a subject of pride and adoration of the owner, despite the "wrong" exterior or a frank defect.


    As a rule, purebred animals are purchased from friends, by advertising in a newspaper or on the market for a purely symbolic value, or even free of charge. Very often, homeless animals chosen from pity, and as a result of good care, turned into beautiful and very loyal friends, become beloved family members.


    It is considered that purebred animals are healthier, more resistant and more resilient. In fact, all cats can be sick, both pedigree and simple. The health of a cat depends primarily on the conditions of detention. A wandering lifestyle can significantly undermine health, and it is not always possible to fully restore it, even if the animal is lucky enough to find a home for itself. They say that domestic cats are smarter than thoroughbred cats. This statement is indisputable.Often, the acumen of a purebred animal is acquired during a street life on the street, but the purebred brothers, as a rule, have no such experience.


    As it turned out, domestic mongrel cats that do not have a pedigree can also take part in exhibitions, like their titled brethren and even receive rewards for victory. Exhibitions are needed not only for obtaining titles and selling pedigreed kittens. Exhibitions are necessary in order to simply admire the beauty and diversity of any domestic cats and to communicate with the owners of these wonderful creatures. Boast his cat wants not only the owner of a purebred animal, but the owner of a simple cat.


    Today, domestic cats have the opportunity to show themselves. For them, there is a class of domestic cat, and any mongrel animal can take part in exhibition competitions and win. The exhibition of purebred cats is quite a serious event with certain rules that must be followed.


    Only neutered domestic cats with a certificate confirming this fact are allowed to the exhibition.This rule applies only to adult cats and does not apply to kittens up to eight months.


    When preparing for the exhibition, you need to take care of all the necessary vaccinations in advance, and have a veterinary passport with appropriate marks on you.


    Who becomes the winner in competitions of simple cats? By what criteria do judges evaluate outbred competitors?


    When evaluating domestic cats, exhibition training and general conditions are taken into account. That is, the cat should be groomed from the tips of the ears to the tip of the tail and not be too thin or, conversely, overfed.


    It turns out that preparing a simple cat for an exhibition is not so easy, especially if the cat has a white color or a long coat. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to find a suitable shampoo for the cat. If in the case of a purebred animal, breeders have long been aware of hair care products: there is a certain set of tools for each breed and structure of wool, then for mongrel selection of shampoo and conditioner occurs by trial and error.


    The condition of the coat largely depends on the nutrition of the cat.If the cat eats incorrectly, even nothing to think about the show career. Without a balanced diet, it is impossible to achieve an excellent state of wool, and, consequently, to become a winner.


    A domestic cat can have absolutely any appearance, as long as the obvious features of various breeds are not present. At exhibitions, preference is always given to cats with a common outbred appearance than to individuals with a “purebred” look.


    Outbred cats may have flaws that are unacceptable for pedigreeds: these are creases of the tail or extra fingers. Allowed and traces of street life: scars on the head, damage to the ears and tail.


    It is unlikely that the animal, which will show aggression due to unusual conditions, will be the winner of the exhibition. Judges encourage sociable and calm cats, which during the competitions show natural curiosity and give themselves to be stroked.


    Any cat, regardless of the breed and possible participation in exhibitions should be kept in good conditions, be well-groomed and loved. After all, pets have no choice, their life is completely dependent on people. They can not live without human participation.

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