5-Minute Hairstyles

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The neat chignon
"This is an easy hairstyle for long hair whenever you want to look polished," says Oded Gabay of New York's Lovella salons. Simply pull hair into a low ponytail and secure with an elastic band. Braid the ponytail, secure with another elastic at the end, and wrap it around to create a tight, neat bun. Use bobby pins to hold it all in place.
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The messy chignon
There are many variations on the classic chignon, but this slightly haphazard one is particularly of the moment. "For a softer look, pull little strands of hair out of the braid so it’s not as neat," says Gabay. Grab the end of the braid where it's secured with an elastic band, and pull only one piece of hair up so it becomes a poof. Tuck in the ends like a messy bun and secure with bobby pins.
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Soft curls
"I would highly recommend that any woman with medium to long hair have a set of medium-sized hot rollers," says Gabay. "Hot rollers are the healthiest way to achieve soft curls without burning hair, as is common when using a curling iron." Simply wrap dry hair around the rollers, leave on for five minutes, remove and run your fingers through the curls to separate. Set with hairspray for a soft, bouncy style.
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The wispy braid
If your hair is longer, try braiding it at the nape of your neck in a single strand to the side — rather than in the center — of your head. Secure with an elastic band, and pull a few strands free to keep it from looking too confined.
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vanessa hudgens with ballerina bun
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The top knot

Like Vanessa Hudgens, women with long hair can pull off this style. Pull hair back into a high ponytail, smoothing the sides with your fingers. Wrap the loose end in circles, then secure with a few bobby pins. The trick here is choosing the right height for your face shape — not everyone can pull off a top-bun, but most can find a sweet spot at the crown.

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The sleek side part
Styling short hair can be a challenge. For a quick and easy style, try an off-center part. Comb a part a little closer to the side of your head than you normally would, and smooth flyaways back with gel. It looks sleek and neat dressed up or down.
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cameron diaz with her hair in a ponytail
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The mid-height pony

Cameron Diaz's pony isn't too high or too low — it's just right, and just dressy enough. Start by parting hair down the middle, then secure hair back with one hand while using your other to pull strands into a slight bump at the crown.


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