• Rag doll - Dunno

    My granddaughter is very fond of dolls, so I did not think long and gave her my next "masterpiece".
    paper pattern
    Everything, as usual, begins with the translation of the paper pattern on the fabric. I always sew dolls from flax.
    Details torso
    Patterns cut out with allowances, swept away, sewed, turned on the front side.
    Filled with sinteponom or holofayberom - that anyone has. Head and torso tighter. And the arms and legs are softer so that they flex easily when playing.
    Details trunk
    Sew up all the holes in which the sintepon was filled.
    sew buttons
    Sew a button. This is in order to make it easier to sew the limbs to the body.
    sew parts of the trunk
    Begin to sew.First, through one hand, sew stitch with a thick strong thread through both holes on a button in the marked place. We pull the thread by 10 cm to the side.
     sew the torso parts
    Then sticking ends from the side of the supposed sewing on of the second hand are alternately passed through the holes on the button. Needles need to be worn on each end of the thread.
    sew the torso parts
    Make knots at both ends, tightening tightly so that the arms do not dangle. The excess ends are cut off.
    we sew the torso parts
    We do the same with our legs, and press firmly to the torso. The legs should not stagger. Our boy will stand on them if desired.
    sew the torso
    An accordion formed between the legs. It's okay, under the clothes of this is not visible, but he can stand firmly if he wears shoes on a flat cardboard sole.
    do lashes
    Now let's get down to the design of the face.Embroider the mouth with red or pink floss threads, then eyes. Be sure to markup with safety pins before sewing, so that your eyes and mouth are exactly where you want.
    do eyelashes
    We sew eyebrows and make eyelashes from bobbin threads. The boy I have is small, only 20 cm thick eyelashes him to anything.
    I make one toy
    Normally I do not make one toy, because my granddaughter has a twin brother. Therefore, two pupae with different clothes, eyes and other things. In the photo they are lying with not sewn heads, because I was going to make them one-piece clothing, but then I changed my mind - let them undress.
    For this pattern, I cut them clothes - pants and shirt.
    patterns cut out
    Cut out with seam allowances.
    trousers and shirt
    Trousers at the top sat on a belt-elastic band. Shirt adorned with lace in the center and rubber band with ruches on the neck.I made the clasp on the back of the velcro at the neck so that the children could play comfortably - that’s what they love about taking off their clothes at this age!
    Sewed his head
    Wearing a boy. Sewn his head.
    hair dolls
    Now we proceed to the hairstyle. Cut the threads, divided each into 3 parts. Then the hair will be soft, fluffy and light.
    Linked crochet
    Crocheted a small cap with a beveled bottom edge along the back of the head.
    small cap
    Sew it.
    Using a hook, stretched the hairs under the hat, hung them like a fringe, trimmed, made a haircut.
    my handsome men
    But I have two of them, boy.
     hold each other by the handle
    Here they are, my handsome, stand and hold each other by the handle. Exactly my grandchildren, when they do not fight.
    got into sneakers
    But they began to play about and got into sneakers.
    Rag doll Dunno
    For the boy’s beloved granddaughter, I knitted a hat, he looked like Dunno from the Sunny City.
    Rag doll Dunno
    And of course, he gave a complete mess: he climbed the curtains! Give your children and grandchildren joy, it will be rewarded a hundredfold!

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