• Recipes for salads for the New Year 2013 with a photo

    Salad Recipes for the New Year 2013

    Recipes for delicious salads for the New Year 2013 - unusual and traditional dishes for the New Year with photos.

    Two thousand and thirteenth, this is the year of the black water snake. And although this creature now lives in its aquatic eastern kingdom, it seems to us a huge serpent, combining both elements of water.


    It is necessary to meet the snake with all the solemnity owed to the dear guest. In the design of the table, it is worth paying attention to the elements of water. You can use candles floating in a saucer with water. Particular attention should be paid to the New Year's costume and gifts for people close to you. And of course the choice of dishes plays an important role, below are presented.New Salad Recipes for the New Year 2013 with photosexamples.

    The New Year is always celebrated with great scope, tables are bursting with food, guests come with gifts and a good mood. To celebrate this holiday, you need with the most beloved and dear people, in a good mood, because as you celebrate the New Year, it will be like this throughout the year.

    Olivie. A simple recipe for salad for the New Year.


    Simple recipes for the new year

    Simple recipes for the new year - salad "Olivier" out of time.

    More recently, in almost every home on the holiday table you could see a standard set of dishes. It is brawn, stuffed cabbage, cake "Napoleon" and of course the salad "Olivier". Sometimes the classic set still included some kind of "signature" dish of the hostess, usually they were snacks made from everything that was left in the fridge. However, the salad "Olivier" was a mandatory attribute for the New Year in every home. Most salads on a festive table are dressed with mayonnaise, but mayonnaise is not nearly as harmless as it seems. Sometimes it is much better to replace the seasoned mayonnaise with sour cream or kefir, or, alternatively, mix the mayonnaise with sour cream. This will make any salad more digestible for your stomach.


    What the Eastern Calendar advises us


    Recently, a variety of dishes for the New Year, significantly different from what was in the past. Tastes and preferences have changed, under the influence of new trends, and the information with which we share television and the Internet, allows us to diversify the New Year's menu and surprise our loved ones with our culinary delights, unusually decorated and indescribably tasty.

    Following the traditions of the east, one should not serve beef to the festive table in the year of the bull, and chicken dishes in the year of the rooster. Therefore, this year perhaps you should not prepare dishes from a snake ... Otherwise, you can not limit yourself, except that preference should be given not to semi-finished products, and fresh products.

    Try not to take too long to prepare the dishes for the New Year, because then you will have no time left for yourself. Snake lover of dark colors, so dark colors will be very useful to use in the New Year's dress. And there must also be a black color, as this is the color of the snake of the coming year.

    New dishes for the new 2013 should differ not only in their taste, but they should also look attractive, the beauty of the design of dishes, their originality and unusualness is important. Since the eastern snake is an inhabitant of the underwater kingdom, then fish and seafood dishes should definitely be served on the table. This will please both the host of the coming year and your loved ones. Try to cook dishes that they have not tried yet and they will surely delight you in the coming year.

    New recipes for New Year's salads.


    French pancakes.



    There are no such people who do not like pancakes, and such pancakes will surely please everyone, even the most demanding gourmet.

    For cooking, mix 100 grams of flour, 50 grams of sugar, add 3 eggs and beat it all up. Then add a large glass of milk, mix and leave for a couple of hours. Bake pancakes in butter.

    After that, melt 50 grams of butter, add a little vanilla sugar, half a glass of orange juice and a little zest. Pour the mixture into the pan and put the pancakes into it, pre-folded four times, keep it on low heat for 5 minutes. Before serving, pancakes must be poured with liqueur or rum and set on fire.

    New fruit salad "Sweet Dragon"


    Photo salad recipes for the New Year - we will spend the year of the Dragon with this dish.

    Photo salads recipes for the New Year - we will spend the year of the Dragon with this dish.


    Take a few oranges, cut off the top of them, carefully remove the flesh, do not damage the rest of the peel.

    For the sauce, beat 100 grams of sour cream, 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar and a pinch of vanilla.

    Slice kiwi, pear, banana, a couple of mandarins, add berries and grains of pomegranate, add the pulp of oranges. Mix all this with the sauce and place in vases of orange peel.


    Salad "Sleep in the winter night"



    Take canned saury, mash the fish to a state of mashed potatoes, add boiled yolks.Finely chop fresh cucumber, greens and 100 grams of dried apricots and add to mashed potatoes. Mix the resulting texture well and make small balls of them. These balls must be coated with mayonnaise and roll in grated cheese and proteins of boiled eggs.


    Stuffed fish is a simple recipe.


    Salad recipes for the New Year of fish - stuffed fish.

    Salad recipes for the New Year of fish - stuffed fish.


    We will need a whole fish, together with the head, for this purpose carp, perch or pike. Gut and cut into several thick slices.

    Finely chop a pair of onions, salmon fillet and a pair of boiled eggs. Carrot grated. Mix all this by adding 2 beaten yolks, 3 tablespoons of powdered sugar, 2 spoons of flour, a teaspoon of salt and a few crushed almond kernels.

    We stuff the obtained mass with pieces of fish and put them on a baking sheet in such order that they would resemble a whole fish. Add chopped onion rings and carrot pieces. Place the fish tray in the oven for one hour. After 45 minutes, sprinkle the fish with the remaining almonds.Serve fish can be both hot and chilled.

    Salmon rolls with cheese


    Place a thin layer of smoked salmon on the kitchen board and spread it with cream cheese. After that, twist it into a roll. The resulting roll cool and cut into small slices, while moistening the knife with water. Serve chilled with lemon and greens. It should turn out as in the photo.


    Salad "Pine cones"


    Salad for the New Year in the form of cones

    Salad on the New Year in the form of cones with a photo example.


    To make a salad, boil 3 eggs and 4 potatoes in a uniform. Potatoes and eggs grate. Cut 200 grams of smoked chicken into small pieces, finely chop a small onion, grate 200 grams of melted cheese on a grater and mix it with the peanuts minced through a meat grinder.

    Spread the ingredients in the form of cones in layers, coating each layer with mayonnaise, in this order: potatoes, chicken, onion, canned corn, chicken eggs, cheese mixture with nuts. After that, pour the mayonnaise on top, arrange the almonds so that it would look like a cone, as well as adding a rosemary branch for decoration.


    Salad "Pomegranate Bracelet"



    Cook 2 beets, 4 potatoes and a couple of large carrots. Wait for the vegetables to cool and grate them on a coarse grater, add grains from half a pomegranate to the beets.

    Dice a couple of onions and 500 grams of boiled chicken, mix with a handful of chopped nuts and divide it into two parts. Fill all this with mayonnaise, but do not mix vegetables with meat.

    Put a glass in the middle of the dish, brush it with sunflower oil outside, lay layers of potatoes, onions, half of chicken meat, carrots, the second part of meat and beets around it. Garnish with the second half of the pomegranate on top. Carefully remove the glass. It should turn out as in the photo.


    Dietary salad for New year from celery and apples.


    Culinary recipes dietary salads for the new year.

    Culinary recipes dietary salads for the new year.

    It is necessary to cut 2 green apples, a small celery root through a grater, add a little raisins and chopped walnuts, a teaspoon of sugar, a tablespoon of mayonnaise, a glass of kefir and juice of half a lime. Stir and garnish with walnuts.


    From the history of the New Year ...



    In different eras there were different traditions of celebrating the New Year. During the reign of Peter I, as such, the legislator of this holiday, the tables were not crammed with dishes, the celebration was held in amusements.Balls, masquerades, dances, games, fireworks, were mandatory attributes of the celebration of the New Year of that era.

    Only under Catherine the second, in the second half of the eighteenth century, did the rich New Year's table become traditional. For him, pies with all sorts of fillings were prepared, compotes, jelly, brews were cooked, geese were baked with apples, and baked pancakes. Most likely, for this we must thank Count Orlov, a favorite of Catherine and the famous gourmet.

    It is known, for example, about one incredible dish, which was served on the empress's New Year banquet by her French chef. Bones were taken out of large olives, and stuffed with anchovies, the olives in turn served as a filling for a lark. That lark was put in the partridge, and the parana herself, and finally the pheasant was stuffed for the pig. The cooking method of this dish was kept secret. However, a certain grandee paid one of the chefs for disclosing this secret, and then the dish invented by a French chef was called the Empress. It was with this name that an amazing recipe became known to gourmets of that era.

    At the beginning of the nineteenth century, the sign began to spread that if the New Year had poultry dishes, then happiness would fly away from the coming year.Therefore, on the festive table, dishes from poultry began to appear much less frequently. Then the main dish of the New Year feast was a pig stuffed with buckwheat porridge. He was placed in the very center of the table, and everyone had to try it.


    New recipes for the New Year 2013 black water snake.



    Good recipes for the New Year of the snake.

    Good recipes for the New Year of the snake.

    The New Year is approaching, and if you are looking for, with whatever culinary creations to hit your loved ones and friends, we offer you some interesting recipes. They contain unusual salads that are not difficult to prepare, but they can pleasantly complement any New Year's table.


    Salad "Edelweiss"



    The recipe is designed for cooking for four people, if you want to cook more, then increase the number of ingredients proportionally.


    For the preparation we need:


    • medium sized bell pepper
    • a couple of tomatoes
    • one hundred grams of boiled chicken fillet
    • one hundred grams of any kind of hard cheese
    • two slices of loaf
    • small jar of canned corn
    • parsley or other herbs to taste
    • garlic, one clove, but you can taste more
    • three tablespoons of olive oil
    • a teaspoon of vinegar
    • salt and pepper and other seasonings add to taste


    And also for frying, you need any refined vegetable oil. Cut tomatoes and meat into small cubes. Cheese must be grated on a coarse grater. Already ready components should be mixed with canned corn and chopped greens. Salt and pepper to taste. Pour all this over with olive oil, vinegar and mix. You can also add mustard, it will give spice to the dish. Slices of long loaf must be cut into cubes and fry together with finely chopped garlic. Bell pepper must be removed from the bell pepper and cut in half. Fill the resulting half of pepper stuffing on top sprinkle the fried cubes of bread and garnish with greens. The dish can be served at the table. It should turn out as in the photo.


    Spicy Salad - a delicious salad and a simple recipe.


    Salad "Spicy" - photo recipes for the New Year.

    Salad "Spicy" - photo recipes for the New Year.

    The basis of the salad is cheese with shrimps.To prepare the salad will need:


    • two hundred grams of any hard cheeses
    • two hundred grams of shrimp peeled and boiled in salted water with dill
    • a couple of medium sized sour apples
    • six tablespoons of chopped nuts, better than roasted
    • teaspoon of grated horseradish
    • half a small pack of mayonnaise
    • fresh lettuce leaves for decoration
    • salt pepper to taste


    In order to cook, it is necessary to cut the shrimp, if the shrimp are small, you can leave it as it is and not cut it. Apples need to be cleaned and cut out of the core, then cut, so that the size of the cubes were the same as the sliced ​​shrimp. To nuts need to add horseradish. After that, all the ingredients must be mixed and season with mayonnaise. To taste add salt and pepper, it is better to give preference to white ground pepper, as it is more fragrant. Stir once more and put it in a salad bowl, after spreading the lettuce leaves in it.

    "Kiev" salad for the New Year's table.


    For the preparation we need:

    • three medium potatoes pre-boiled
    • four boiled eggs
    • raw egg white
    • small jar of green pea brain varieties
    • one hundred grams of boiled chicken fillet
    • two tablespoons of wheat flour
    • half a cup of cream
    • chopped parsley and dill, quantity to taste
    • three medium pickled cucumbers
    • small package of mayonnaise and salt to taste


    Peel the eggs, cool them and cut them into small cubes with potatoes. Dice pickled cucumbers into cubes of the same size. Mix green peas from a jar with already sliced ​​products and season with mayonnaise. Next, the chicken fillet must be minced. The resulting minced meat mixed with cream and flour. Protein must be whipped and also add to the minced fillet. Salt and mix the resulting mass again. After that, scoop the resulting mass with a dessert spoon and lower it into boiling water. It is better to make a small fire, it is necessary to cook about five minutes after the ascent of the balls from this mixture. Remove the finished balls from the boiling water and let them cool. Then put them in a salad bowl, garnish with greens and can be served.

    Salad "Chanterelle"


    Simple recipes salads for the new year - salad "Chanterelle".

    Simple recipes salads for the new year - salad "Chanterelle".

    To prepare this new salad for the New Year will need:

    • chicken breast boiled in salted water
    • three pickled cucumbers
    • a glass of korean carrot
    • two hundred grams of hard cheese of any kind
    • two large cloves of garlic
    • small pack of mayonnaise
    • greenery
    • pomegranate seeds


    Cut the chicken breast across the fibers, and then along, to make a small straw. Cut the cucumbers into strips. Rub cheese on a coarse grater. Garlic should be skipped through the garlic press. Mix all ingredients, season with mayonnaise, salt to taste and mix again. Spread the salad in a salad bowl and decorate with greens. Salad ready. It should turn out as in the photo.


    Salad from Allegrova - exquisite salad for the New Year snake.


    This salad is a key dish of Irina Allegrova. Unfortunately, we are unable to verify the truth of the statement. However, try this salad worth.

    To prepare this unusual salad you will need:

    • eight hundred grams squid
    • two hundred grams of grated cheese
    • can of beans in their own juice
    • bulb
    • mayonnaise
    • vegetable oil


    Boil squid in salted water and clean them. One part needs to be finely chopped, and the other to fry and roll through a meat grinder. Onion should be cut into rings and fried in oil. Then mix all the prepared ingredients, season them with mayonnaise and mix. You can also decorate the salad with greens.


    "Prague" salad for the New Year.


    Photo salad recipes for the New Year 2013

    Photo salad recipes for the New Year 2013 - "Prague" salad.

    Cocktail - salad. Salad not only looks beautiful, but also very tasty.

    For the preparation of New Year's salad "Prague" will need:

    • one hundred fifty grams of boiled beef
    • medium sized tomato
    • sweet bell pepper
    • bulb
    • boiled egg
    • a teaspoon of lemon juice
    • small cucumber
    • one third of a glass of vegetable oil
    • a dozen olives
    • salt and pepper to taste


    Cucumber, pepper and meat should be cut into strips. Finely chop the onion and egg. Cut olives into rings and tomato into cubes. All these ingredients are laid out in cocktail glasses in layers. Mix lemon juice, salt, pepper and mustard to obtain a sauce. And pour this sauce salad in a glass. Salad can be decorated with greenery. It should turn out as in the photo.


    DataOld and New Salad Recipes for the New Yearfrom the photo, they can pleasantly diversify the ordinary, standard New Year's set of salads. You can please them with your loved ones and guests. They are very easy to prepare and affordable.

    We also suggest that you look at the options for serving the New Year's table, perhaps these photos will help you learn something for yourself.

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