• Repair in the kitchen - a mistake made by 90% of the masters

    I went to visit my parents the other day and was horrified. The repair in the kitchen was made a few years ago, but the builders made a serious mistake that significantly worsened the quality of life of the people living in the apartment.

    The error is clearly visible in this photo. Will you find her?

    This is a standard error that almost everyone admits. In the channel to the ventilation shaft, a round pipe is immured, to which a box from the hood above the plate is connected.

    And on the hood is a non-return valve. Thus, with the hood turned off, there is no air exchange in the kitchen.

    The situation is repeatedly aggravated in the presence of a gas stove, which in the process of work in large quantities emit carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

    Open the window for ventilation is ineffective, because air convection with no hood is minimal.

    2. Lack of ventilation adversely affects health, and carbon monoxide is generally fatal to humans.

    So you can not do!

    Take a punch and increase the hole for a rectangular plate with two channels for ventilation.

    Upper to connect the hood, lower for ventilation of the kitchen itself at the time when the hood does not work.


    3. The second mistake is the use of a duct with a diameter of 100 mm on the hood.

    The cross-sectional area in this case is extremely insufficient in order to provide air exchange of more than 100 m3 / hour, and this is much less than even the first exhaust rate.

    It is imperative to use an air duct with a diameter of 125 mm, which without any problems will allow to remove treated air from the kitchen in the amount of up to 350 m3 / hour.


    4. Proper ventilation in the kitchen. The feeling of stuffiness, which was present even with the open window, disappeared (the kitchen had its own ventilation duct).

    The noise from exhausting has decreased several times (due to an increase in the diameter of the duct to 125 mm).

    The kitchen has become comfortable to be.


    I searched the pictures for the request “photo repair in the kitchen” - in 9 out of 10 cases the exact same mistake: the ventilation duct from the exhaust hood per 100 mm and the absence of a duct for the ventilation of the kitchen itself.

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