• Replacing Tricolor TV and NTV Plus receivers as an opportunity to revise priorities.

    There are a lot of ways to watch TV channels: terrestrial digital, cable, IPTV, satellite and even mobile TV. They are all good in their own way, but each has its own flaws. They are well known and it makes no sense to repeat. Of all the ways to receive TV channels, satellite television can be considered the most universal. There are many reasons for this: independence from highways, perfect picture quality, the possibility of receiving almost everywhere, a huge amount for every taste. There is only one drawback - the price of receiving equipment is quite high. However, once you can go broke ...

    It would be ... Now specifically about our reality. Two of the oldest satellite TV providers, Tricolor TV and NTV Plus, have figured out how to take care of their subscribers, while earning out of the blue.We are talking about the sensational promotions for the replacement of equipment. Old receivers Tricolor TV and NTV Plus are changing to new models with a good surcharge. It makes no sense for subscribers to change their working receivers, the broadcaster itself is obliged to do this, promising imaginary improvement in image quality and uninterrupted operation. Shares like “Exchange for 0 rubles” actually turned out to be veiled loan agreements, with the obligation to pay a monthly increased subscription fee. The way out is either to abandon the usual channels altogether, or to obediently pay for the exchange of your receiver.

    Receivers Tricolor TV.

    Tricolor TV Receivers

    To abandon the usual television is difficult and unpleasant. And, if you decide to exchange, then pay attention to the range of offered set-top boxes. This is especially true of new receivers Tricolor TV. All of them have their own characteristics and at least a little, differ from each other. Therefore, the choice of the receiver Tricolor TV may vary depending on the preferences of the subscriber. It should be borne in mind that most of them have two tuners. This will allow to watch TV channels on two TVs or one TV and a mobile device (tablet or smartphone).The most common models among them - GS E521L and GS B532M. The annual subscription fee also directly depends on the capabilities of the Tricolor TV receiver and differs in a big way. The artificially created excitement around the most simple receivers (GS B520 and GS B522), with a minimum subscription fee of 1,200 rubles a year, increased their selling price. It seems that soon these receivers will cease to be released at all, and the “Single” tariff plan will be preserved only for CAM modules Tricolor TV.

    Receivers NTV Plus.

    Tricolor TV Receivers

    With the choice of receiver NTV Plus, the situation is simpler. There is no such variety of possibilities offered by the classic receivers. You can choose only at the price of the receiver NTV Plus. There are cheaper models, such as the Opentech OHS 1740V, and there are unreasonably expensive Humax VAHD 3100S. Nothing but the habits of users and the fame of the manufacturer is not explained. At the same time NTV Plus receivers with a hard disk are much cheaper. You can do without a receiver by purchasing the CI module NTV Plus.

    However, there is one unusual novelty here. Interactive prefix VA 1020 is not so much a satellite receiver as a multimedia center with the ability to receive NTV Plus channels. So far this is the first and only device of the new generation, but old and new subscribers are interested in it.Its main feature is the connection to the online cinema NTV Plus. These are hundreds of films of various genres for any audience. True, this is not free, a monthly subscription will cost 300 rubles.

    There is one feature, which is why you can choose this particular provider. The subscription fee for NTV Plus receivers can be paid monthly. It is more expensive than the annual subscription, but it is very convenient in the country version, where you spend three to four months a year.

    The total.

    Since the broadcaster has given us the opportunity to repeat the choice, we should not neglect this. Having spent a little time studying the proposed receivers, you are guaranteed to buy the most suitable device for you. Or maybe you should choose another broadcaster for yourself. A set of TV channels, although similar in many respects, but there are differences. And this should not be neglected.

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