• Rest in Crimea

    Soon a long-awaited vacation, we want to go to Crimea this year. We do not know only where it is better to go - to Simeiz or Foros. Tell me, where is the best place to relax and where can I stay?
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    We rested a year ago in Foros in the sanatorium South. Everything was good, but if you do not eat for treatment, then it is better to choose housing in the private sector - there are very clean pebble beaches.
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    It is good to rest everywhere, especially by the sea with picturesque mountain surroundings. From my own experience I know that it is best to look for housing not far from the sea, as for me these long trips to the beach and back are very tiring.
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    This year we want to go to rest in Simeiz. Judging by the reviews on the Internet - there are the most beautiful beaches on the entire coast of the Crimea. I agree that housing should be close to the sea, I really want to see the seascape from the window. Having reviewed a lot of options, we stopped at the Guest House in Simeiz. Look at the rooms there, maybe they will suit you.
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    Aleksey Vysochin
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    Honestly, I was not in Simeiz or Foros. And you only consider these two options? I'd rather go to Yalta, there is and where to rest, and what to see. And if you go by car, you can travel along the coast
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    Natalia Kozachok
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    We are planning to go to Crimea for ten days this summer too in August. We wanted to go in early May, but it did not work out. I read notes about the weather in the Crimea. So there, too, they write that in May the sea is already warming to such an extent that you can swim.

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