• Rest in tents

    My friends and I often go to rest in tents in the Moscow region. We like everything, silence around, distance from crowded places, food not a bonfire, night sit-round gathering and others. The only thing missing is the shower and normal restroom. Who loves camping, how do you solve personal hygiene?
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    Answered on May 2, 11:07
    That is why I do not rest with a tent. I can not imagine how it does not wash in a hot bath? In the basin you can not buy it, and the river or reservoir will not save. I am used to comfort, so I relax with my family at recreation centers or in a boarding house.
    Answered on May 2, 11:20
    If you want, consider purchasing a hiking bath. I think for you for the company it will fit and completely replace the shower. The bath can be used in any weather, even all year round. The cost depends on the size, configuration and material of the frame itself. Alternatively, you can buy a Mobib bath, here is a good choice
    Answered May 2 11:27
    Rest with tents means solitude with nature, so lovers of comfort, of course, it is difficult to withstand such conditions.For example, if I go to rest in such a way, the maximum for the weekend is enough for me, I can no longer. I take with me a lot of wet wipes, dry shampoo and antiseptic.

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