• Risotto with chicken and mushrooms in a slow cooker

    You will need
    • For risotto:
    • - 300 grams of rice;
    • - 50 g onions;
    • - 30 g butter;
    • - 300 ml of chicken broth;
    • For the sauce:
    • - 80 g of mushrooms;
    • - 100 g chicken fillet;
    • - 10 g parsley;
    • - 10 g Parmesan cheese;
    • - 6 g garlic;
    • - 200 ml of dry white wine;
    • - 20 ml of olive oil.
    Chop the fillets in medium brittle, chop the mushrooms and onions into small cubes, chop the garlic and parsley with a knife, grate the cheese.
    Put the fillet, mushrooms and onion into the bowl of the slow cooker, add olive oil.
    Press the "Menu" button and install the "Hot" program. Click the "OK" button. Set the cooking time to 35 minutes. 24 minutes before the end of the program add wine.
    20 minutes before the end of cooking, set the temperature to 100 degrees, add butter and rice to the bowl of the slow cooker.
    8 minutes before the end of cooking, add broth and mix.

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