• "River tram" as a platform for organizing a holiday

    Ivan Orlov
    Ivan Orlov
    September 8, 2015
    "River tram" as a platform for organizing a holiday

    The older generation of Muscovites still remembers the time when on weekends the embankments of the Moscow River were filled with people. Some walked steadily, enjoying the splash of water, familiar melodies and the sight of the steamboats departing from the marina, while others came here to take a ride on a “river tram” with family or close friends. Such a pastime was a necessity for them, since the lack of internet and mobile communications severely limited the ability to communicate. To find out news, share joy, or ask for advice was required to meet.

    For the first time, “river trams” (recreational passenger vessels of local purpose, with a capacity of up to 200 people) appeared in the second decade of the last century, or to be exact, in 1923. Today, shipping companies are doing a lot to ensure that the traditions lost in the 90s revive.This can not but rejoice, because life in the mode of mobile online is scarce in emotions.

    For all the time of the existence of the “river tram”, the “Moscow” project approved in 1965 was and still remains the most widespread. Today it is a series of modernized, reconstructed, comfortable banquet walkers, where you can not only take walks along the Moscow River and Moscow reservoirs, but also hold a variety of activities with a banquet, entertainment program and appropriate design. To do this, simply remove the ship for the required number of hours.

    The most popular motor ships of the project "Moscow" are:

    • "Alegria" - a premium vessel designed in nautical style. He is able to take on board up to 100 people, subject to the organization of the buffet. The rental price is from 5500 rubles per hour.
    • The Olympiad is a luxury ship with classic interiors and a soft sofa area equipped in the bow.
    • "Symphony" - the motor ship with a hall decorated in the style of the original high-tech. It is slightly larger than the others and therefore can accommodate up to 200 people. The rental price is from 6500 rubles.
    • "Moscow-150" - the ship has recently passed the reconstruction. It has two spacious decks, one of which is used as a promenade and partially removed under an awning, and the second is converted into a banquet hall. The cost of rent is from 7000 rubles.

    However, this is not all representatives of the project. You can find out about the rest by contacting the shipping company.

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